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Former WWE Superstars on The Miz’s backstage heat

The Miz

Over the recent few months, stories of stars such as Enzo Amore and Baron Corbin having backstage heat have been a popular topic of discussion among wrestling fans.

During the latest episode of the Wrestling Inc podcast, former WWE Stars Mr. Anderson and Shawn Daivari talked about other stars who have had heat backstage over the years.

One such star who had massive backstage heat at one point is the Miz, who was reportedly kicked out of the WWE Locker room during his early days with the company.

Talking about his time in the company, Mr Anderson revealed the reason why the current Intercontinental Champion had heat was because of his non-wrestling background:

“When we were there, The Miz had so much heat, and it was for the fact that he wasn’t involved in wrestling. He didn’t come up and work independents or territories and then he gets handed this thing. Plus, he wasn’t hard to get along with, but his personality wasn’t that big, he was just shy and quiet in the back, and then everything anybody would do to him he would sell hit, so he just got tons and tons of heat. But here we are, 10 years later, he’s done alright for himself.”

Daivari also shared his thoughts on the topic and he compared the Miz to Muhammad Hassan, who also had a lot of heat but never did anything to offend anyone:

“He was a guy like Muhammad where I understood why people were upset with him, but I never really saw him do anything that would warrant that,”

  • jack

    what an unprofessional joke the locker room must be. guys, you pretend to fight. you are actors. the whole tough guy act is ridiculous when its pretend fighting. embarrassing.

  • CC

    So what they are actually saying is that he didnt actually have heat, he was bullied.
    Heat is earned by doing something wrong, and they are saying that he did nothing wrong.
    I guess it was easier to pick on a smaller guy like him rather than pick on big guys like Batista and Cena, whose only wrestling experience prior to WWE was in WWE developmental territories.

  • oppa

    Miz did work the indies and came up in Cali. He wasn’t handed anything. Wrestlers are just paranoid people who sometimes want to get to the top by default.

  • Thomas Murray

    that info bout Miz has being out for yrs so why put it across as if its the first time we have heard it