Former WWE Wrestler Says He’s Headed To Orlando To Meet With Hulk Hogan Tomorrow

— Former WWE talent Shannon Moore revealed on his Twitter account this morning that he’s headed to Orlando to meet with Hulk Hogan.



“Big change of plans,” Moore wrote. “Got a call from TNA. Looks like I’m heading to Orlando (to) meet with Hulk Hogan tomorrow.”

— It would appear that Abyss is excited for tomorrow night’s history making broadcast of iMPACT! as he tweeted the following this morning.

“Heading to airport for Orlando. I am so excited. We are going to make history tomorrow. Tune in at 8 pm EST. GO TNA!!!!! Lets make history,” he wrote. “I can feel it. TNA is going to do something special tomorrow night, and rock the wrestling world into 2010. Im ready as ever. Lets do it!!”

— Click here to view ringside photos of the sexy TNA Knockouts in action from this past Thursday’s New Year’s Eve Knockout Eve special.

Is Jeff Hardy coming to TNA? – will be in Orlando tomorrow ->

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