Former WWE Writer on how Stephanie McMahon & JBL were like backstage

While appearing on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast, former WWE writer Jason Allen talked about how WWE stars were like backstage. Here are the highlights from the interview:




“My first day at TV, JBL takes out his cell phone and takes a picture of me. He’s like, ‘You know why I’m doing that?’ I said, ‘No I don’t.’ He said, ‘It’s so I could remember your face when you’re gone next month.’ You could tell it was quite the revolving door.”

On Stephanie McMahon:

“I went in to meet Stephanie because she wasn’t there when I first started, or when I came up with the interview. Stephanie is 7-8 months pregnant at this point with her first child and she comes up to me and she’s just so sweet and so nice and she’s like, ‘Oh hi, it’s so nice to meet you. Look, I swear I’m not a diva and I’m not like this; but, I need a blueberry muffin right now.’ So that was my first official task, was to run myself to the donut shop and get Stephanie a blueberry muffin.”

Click here to listen to the entire interview. You can read the rest of the transcribed highlights from the interview on 411mania.

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