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Former WWE writer shares story about Roman Reigns wanting to use profanity on television

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns announced on this week’s RAW that he is in remission and is back to WWE. He returned after four months due to leukemia.

Former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide recently revealed an interesting story about Roman Reigns. Apparently, Reigns wanted to end a segment by cussing. After speaking to Vince McMahon about him wanting to cuss, Reigns kept on displaying his level of locker room leadership, despite a new member in the writing department.

Quick Roman story, the first time i was ever writing for Roman on the road i was sitting with him to produce a backstage segment with Charly. It was some decent copy, but I’m new and knew handling Roman was a big responsibility.

So we’re going through the copy and Roman wants to end the promo with a certain curse word. I’m still under the impression not to use curses because “god damn, don’t be so crass…” so Roman says “I’ll go ask Vince, real quick.”

Roman goes, gets the okay, comes back to me and I say “man, thanks. I know they’ll nail my ass if that didn’t get cleared and you’re way more important to this place than I am” lol Roman doesn’t even blink and goes…

“Nah, bro. Everyone here is important. I’m just a member of the team like you and i wouldn’t hang you out to dry like that.” Mind you, i might have had two whole convos with dude up until that point and he went out of his way to make sure i didn’t catch heat

And that’s who he is to everyone. It probably doesn’t mean a whole lot, but it’s the little things like just being a solid dude and looking out for anybody who is around him that makes him a real leader, and when he was gone you can feel his presence even more

That’s about it, but Roman is dope. I’m glad he’s getting his flowers and a second chance to truly be appreciated for the talent and person he’s carried himself to be

Hopefully, Roman Reigns will continue to be strong and healthy as his return to WWE was definitely needed.