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FOX apparently prohibited in moving Smackdown Live to FS1

WWE will be making their jump to Friday nights from October, owing to a huge deal they made with FOX. Wade Keller said on PW Torch‘s Raw Recap show that the contract they have with FOX is a very good one. The deal itself is such that they have it in the wording of their deal that Fox can’t move the show to FS1.

If WWE’s deal with FOX does have wording which prohibits Fox moving SmackDown Live to FS1, then FOX’s comments regarding Smackdown Live being ”short term” on the main network on Fridays seems more interesting now.

Regardless, we hope this huge move will prove beneficial to WWE and they will be able to draw in more viewers. With all the resources from FOX and Disney at their disposal, it should be possible.

We will keep you updated regarding WWE’s FOX deal as we get to know more.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Yep Fox was just getting out of the movie business that was it.

    I believe WWE long term plan depending how Smackdown on Fox goes is to have both Raw and Smackdown on Fox.

    Fox was trying to get WWE way back to when WWE left the USA network the first time.

  • CC

    Some people just do not pay attention to what they are reporting.

    As you say, the TV side was not sold to Disney.

  • Bob

    Fox TV isn’t owned by Disney. It was spun off during the acquisition under the newly formed Fox Corp. Which is still controlled by the Murdochs.