Fox Cuts Away From ‘Senile’ Trump Speech

Former President Donald Trump recently spoke to supporters Saturday evening at Temple University in Philadelphia, where he raged about “Joe Biden’s wave of bedlam and death and terror” and then prattled about shampoo lather water pressure – for the second time in a week – before the conservative network dropped live coverage.



It has been noted that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were astonished by former President Donald Trump’s latest rant that was so rambling and incoherent that Fox News cut away from a live broadcast of his remarks.

Scarborough said the former president’s advisers seem to be resetting expectations for the upcoming debate with President Joe Biden.

“You can read in the papers this weekend and this morning that the Trump people have belatedly figured out that lying about Joe Biden’s incoherence and doctoring tapes to suggest he is not was a bad idea,” Scarborough said. “Now they are trying to, like, reverse track and say, ‘Oh, no, he is a debater and maybe he is going to take drugs and he should be drug tested because he is going to end up doing so well.’ I’m not going to do that here. Donald Trump, when you look at any of his speeches front-to-back, looks like he is off his rocker. It’s crazy the things he says, it’s crazy what people stand there and applaud for. Here, they just look thoroughly confused and Fox News had to cut away because they are like, ‘I got nothing here, I got nothing.'”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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