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Fox has reportedly ‘moved on’ from CM Punk

CM Punk auditioned for a role on FOX recently. He was trying to get a job on WWE Backstage, which is the company’s studio news show on FS1. However, it seems that will no longer be happening.

According to a report by Fightful Select, CM Punk did in fact, try out for WWE Backstage, but he was not given any deal. The heads at FOX “seemed like they’d ‘moved on’ as recently as this week.”

Punk’s tryout went well and he impressed the Backstage team, but it was left in the hands of higher-ups at Fox that seemed like they’d “moved on” as recently as this week. Nothing is concrete in that regard, though.

Perhaps FOX might change their minds someday. CM Punk is certainly ‘ready’ for a return to professional wrestling as well. We will keep you updated on CM Punk’s WWE status once we learn more.

  • SD38439

    Has anyone ever cared about CM Punk? Maybe it was because he worked for a company who have no idea how to write storylines, but to me his main event run the WWE felt really flat (and ratings usually dropped for him). Reminded me of WCW and TNA trying to push Jeff Jarrett as a star, but he clearly wasn’t anything but a mid-carder and everyone watching knew it.

  • CC

    It’s like when Harrison said that John Morrison signing with WWE was a done deal when everyone else was saying it was rumours.

  • oppa

    The odd thing is that the first person I heard say it was a done deal was Booker T. He scooped everyone on this.

  • oppa

    Supposedly he was only using WWE to try and get a better deal from AEW anyway. TIme will tell what the truth is. But it wouldn’t be a surprise if he doesn’t fit what Fox wants for their programming.

  • Soulshroude

    I’m sure the other half of the world will “move on” without Punk.

  • Soulshroude

    No shyt it’s all hearsay… these are the dirtsheets.

  • Omar

    Remember when it was a “done-deal”…now they have “passed-on”. Its all hearsay.