Fox Host Reveals Humiliating Trump STD Rumor

Fox News contributor Charles Hurt recently opened up on surrounding allegations that former President Donald Trump has syphilis, claiming that he finds “it very entertaining” via Mediaite.



Hurt had joined network anchor Sandra Smith for a Friday afternoon interview and they discussed allegations that the Republican frontrunner has syphilis after a photo surfaced showing Trump with red markings on his fingers, that some believed to be sores.

The pair reacted to comments by Democratic consultant James Carville, who claimed that Trump had syphilis during a Politcon podcast episode uploaded to YouTube this week. Carville’s claim quickly made the rounds in the media, including as the main headline on the highly-read Drudge Report.

“I’ve asked a number of MDs what medical condition manifests itself through hand sores,” Carville claimed. “And the answer is immediate and unanimous: Secondary syphilis. All right. I think there’s a good chance this man has the clap, and I’m not being particularly secretive about it.”

Smith asked for Hurt’s reaction to which he responded by stating he wanted to “leave all the expertise about syphilis to” Carville because “he worked for former President Bill Clinton.” Hurt added that he believes the red markings on Trump’s fingers are simply red ink from signing autographs from fans.

HURT: Politics can be boring, and you have to mix it up. And it’s kind of I find it very entertaining. But the real thing, you know, when I look at that, it looked to me like red ink. You know how you get red ink on your hands when you are so popular? Every room you walk into. Everybody wants you to give them a signature. And Joe Biden doesn’t have this problem. Other Republican candidates, only Donald Trump. I mean, women want him to sign their chests when he walks into a bar. That’s how much they love him. And so I think that that’s red ink is what I think it is.

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