Fox Host Reveals Trump Insulted Jewish Leader

Jessica Tarlov recieved interruption from her fellow co-hosts when she tried to mention Donald Trump and his remarks on the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Tarlov even tried to say that Hezbollah is “very smart” which was a remark that Trump made during his rally last week.



Donald Trump had gone on record to say that Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel didn’t help the U.S. assassinate Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in January 2020. He even called Hezbollah “very smart” during the same rally. Trump called out Netanyahu and said that he “was not prepared” for the attacks two weeks ago.

According to Mediaite, During Thursday’s edition of The Five on Fox News, Tarlov tried to bring in the insulting remarks made by the former president to Netanyahu, calling him a poor leader, she was immediately shut down by co-hosts Jesse Watters and Jeanine Pirro.

Iran is stronger than ever now, Jessica. They’re richer than ever. They’re stronger than ever and they weren’t like that under Donald Trump. That’s a fact.

Tarlov and Watters had a conversation about Iran’s situation wherein Tarlov criticized Trump for walking away from the Iran nuclear deal. Watters responded to the situation with his remarks and said that Joe Biden’s policies have helped Iran.

Donald Trump of Hezbollah is very smart. And Bibi let us down was also one of his key quotes.

There came a time when Pirro had to step in and talk about Trump’s Hezbollah remarks. The conversation was phenomenal and every party shared their side of thoughts. Notably, all parties had a decent conversation and people shared their mind on the topic.

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