Fox News Says Trump Met With Famous Nazi

During a Fox News segment, sparks flew as Democratic guest Jonathan Klott accused Donald Trump of spewing “racist” conspiracy theories and “having dinner with Nazis.” The discussion revolved around a Saturday Night Live sketch that mocked President Joe Biden’s age. Klott expressed his preference for a president who may occasionally misspeak over one who engages in conspiracy theories and racist remarks.



The discussion escalated when Klott mentioned Trump having dinner with Nazis, referring to a controversial dinner with rapper Ye (formerly Kanye West) and white supremacist Nick Fuentes. Trump later claimed he was unaware of Fuentes’ background and was invited by Ye.

Tammy Bruce, a Fox News contributor, criticized Klott’s use of the term “Nazis,” leading to a heated exchange. Bruce suggested Klott was making personal attacks against Republicans, while Klott clarified that he specifically mentioned Trump’s dinner with a Nazi, referring to Fuentes.

The disagreement continued, with Klott denying that he had made a blanket statement about Republicans, and Bruce insisting that such “personal” attacks were not effective. The host, Harris Faulkner, acknowledged the tension and closed the segment by stating, “It’s desperation.”

“Well, we just heard him call a number of Republicans Nazis and racists and I think we can put him of willing to go there —” Bruce said before Klott jumped in.

“I didn’t — hold on. I didn’t call Republicans Nazis. I said he had dinner with a Nazi,” Klott said.

Tammy, Tammy, exactly what I said. He had dinner with a Nazi,” Klott said, continuing to deny making a blanket statement about Republicans. Klott did refer to “dinners with Nazis,” but later referenced just the infamous Fuentes dinner.

“I did say I had never heard you talk like that and, look, five seconds later I was wrong,” Faulkner told Klott as she closed out the segment.

“It’s desperation,

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