Fox News ‘Stunned’ To Announce Biden Lost To…

In a surprising turn of events, President Joe Biden faced his first setback in the Democratic presidential campaign, conceding American Samoa to a relatively unknown contender, Jason Palmer, on Super Tuesday.



During the primetime election coverage on Fox News, host Bret Baier delivered the news to viewers, revealing the results of the American Samoa caucuses—a small U.S. territory in the South Pacific with around 45,000 residents. Baier announced,

“We just received a call from American Samoa. President Biden will be defeated by Jason Palmer, a self-described entrepreneur and investor.”

Baier’s revelation prompted chuckles of disbelief from his fellow panelists, who were evidently surprised by the outcome. Baier continued, stating, “Jason Palmer is set to win the American Samoa Democratic caucus, marking President Biden’s first loss in the 2024 primaries. Palmer secures four delegates, while President Biden takes two.”

Despite his deep knowledge of U.S. politics, Baier admitted, “I don’t even know who Jason Palmer is. But he is now the winner.”

Martha MacCallum added a humorous touch, saying, “I’m sure that President Biden has spent an enormous amount of time in American Samoa working on his election.”

While the American Samoa hiccup had no impact on the general election due to its lack of electoral votes, President Biden continued his Super Tuesday dominance by winning all 15 states in play. With no significant competition, Biden’s primary journey includes his last remaining non-Jason Palmer challenger, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN), who has struggled to gain traction.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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