Fox News Top Name Exposes Trump As Fraud

Fox Corp. Board member and former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan recently blasted former President Donald Trump on Fox News, calling him “unfit for office” via Mediaite.



It has been noted that Ryan appeared on Tuesday’s Your World and discussed November’s election between Trump and President Joe Biden.

“It’s gonna be a very, very close race,” he told host Neil Cavuto. “I think they’re terrible choices that we’re being presented with. And that’s just what the primary voters selected and I regret the fact that that’s where we are.”

Cavuto also read some of Ryan’s remarks back to him in which Ryan called Trump an “authoritarian narcissist” and said the former president lacks the character for the job.

“That’s pretty strong,” Cavuto said.

“That’s the way I feel,” Ryan replied. “I voted for him in 2016, hoping that there was gonna be a different kind of person in office. And I do think character is a really important issue. If you put yourself above the Constitution as he has done that shows you’re unfit for office.”

“But what happened?” the host asked. “What turned you? Was it the whole January 6 thing?”

“That’s a part of it,” he answered. Ryan reiterated that Trump has placed himself above the Constitution and repeated that Trump is “unfit for office.”

The former speaker made clear during the interview that we will not vote for Biden.

“I don’t support Biden either,” he said. “I think his policies are terrible.”

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