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FOX wants SmackDown Live to focus less on comedy and more on competition

SmackDown Live opened with another segment of Truth TV. R-Truth and Carmella’s show included multiple dance breaks, one which included Stephanie, Shane, and Vince McMahon.

While some fans enjoyed the opening of SmackDown 1000, others may have found it childish or pointless. Apparently, FOX feels the same way, hoping to see the Blue Brand take a more serious approach to their programming next year.

According to Dave Meltzer and The Wrestling Observer, FOX wants SmackDown Live to tone down the comedy, instead focusing more on the sports and competition side of wrestling.

That means no Truth TV and possibly forcing the SD Live Tag Team Champions to hold back on the comedy, pushing the New Day into a more serious direction.

SmackDown Live will premiere on FOX next year on October 19th, possibly with a recap show airing on their sister show Fox Sports 1.

How do you feel about SD Live possibly heading in a more serious direction? Does the comedy keep the two-hour show light, or do you think it disrupts a great program when it goes off the walls?

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    They need to have a star power on Smackdown either Seth Rollins, Roman Regis or Braun Strowman so be part of Smackdown when they make the move to Fox.

  • Steven Stevens

    Just release WWE from the contract like WWE do to wrestlers if they don’t do what is asked.

  • blkwolf13

    I was reading an actually waiting for someone with Smackdown history knowledge to mention this. Forgetting the whole new day and R-Truth, even with some comedy, Smackdown used to be the more competitive show with more intense storylines going on. The new day can still be they’re Charming cells in a serious more daunting rivalry.

  • CC

    Sounds like a good idea in theory, but the execution is where it is at, and we all know WWE does not always do that properly. Remember when SyFy said they wanted zombies and aliens etc on ECW so WWE created a vampire character to appease them then took the piss out of the whole concept by getting Sandman to beat up a zombie essentially saying “F.U” to the network.
    Plus, rather than making New Day more serious, all that they would probably do is swap the rosters around again and put characters like New Day on Raw.
    Now I would rather see them move away from all this kid friendly pancake rubbish, but I do not see that happening.

    And anyway, there will also need to be a little bit of humour etc in it, otherwise it will end up turning younger fans away, and even a lot of adults. Yes stuff like New Day is over the top, and too much in some peoples eyes. but there is more subtle stuff in WWE that is funny, like the who Happy Rusev Day stuff.


    carmella looks hot

  • Will Henderson

    yeah, Fox wants a more serious wrestling product, i bet they regret signing a deal with WWE when they could had just gotten in bed with NJPW, Impact Wrestling, or ROH instead. but they went with WWE cause it’s “THE” wrestling company in the US, and Impact has been in state of rebuilding for the last year and a half since Anthem took over it from Dixie Carter and got rid of that tacky name of TNA, and ROH is owned by Sinclair and pretty much a moot point to get them on Fox, and NJPW is too non-US for Fox’s liking.

  • Sparti Love

    SD was always about the competition so I’m happy to see Fox want to see that return. We already have the perfect champ in AJ and Nakamura

  • StocktonJoe

    About damn time!

  • oppa

    Thank God