Francis Ngannou ‘Throws Punches’ At A-List Actor

Francis Ngannou is known for many things, but what if I told you that he’s now known for punching someone below the belt? It’s not just anyone that Francis Ngannou made sterile either. This star is featured in the upcoming Jackass film, ‘Jackass Forever’. Dustin Poirier Leaks Nate Diaz Fight Date.



GQ Magazine recently sat down with Francis to talk about everything ranging from his UFC career to his new found life in being in a Jackass film. You know you’ve reached the top when Jackass comes calling…

GQ: “Speaking of ridiculous ventures, you’re gonna be in Jackass Forever, right? Can you tell me what your scene is gonna be?”

Francis: “Oh! I’m punching somebody in the nuts!”

GQ: “Am I right that they asked you to repeatedly do that?”

Francis: “Yep! We did it twice, because the first time the guy moved. It wasn’t right in, and I told him, ‘No, man. You have to take the shot. Like, for real.’”

GQ: “That’s a little sick!”

Francis: “This was insane. I didn’t know it was a real shot until I got there. They told me to punch him, full power. I asked them if he had something down there—protection? They said no. [sighs] I couldn’t believe that. But I was on the other side, so it was okay. I was the one punching, not getting punched.”

While there’s no word on who the star was, my bet is on Johnny Knoxville.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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