Friend of Jericho’s Comments on His WWE Deal Expiring

– Rich Ward, the guitarist in Chris Jericho’s metal band Fozzy, was a guest on the Monday Night Mayhem radio show
this week and spoke about Jericho’s future after his WWE contract expires later this year. There’s been speculation that Jericho is looking to move on from WWE and focus on his entertainment career (music & acting). Here’s the recap:



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The Band Working Around Chris Jericho’s WWE Schedule:

“In the early days it was more difficult, because we didn’t have chemistry worked out because Chris was so busy, not just with working in the WWE, but the travel days also, whenever there was a day off here and a day off there. Basically what we had to do was be super organized in how we structured things, and till the last couple of years, it started to fall into place to where when Chris is just sitting in a hotel room or something, he’s writing lyrics. I then take his lyrics and start building songs around it, and then I would send him the demos with me singing his lyrics, and then we start work back and forth through MP3’s. If it wasn’t for the modern age of the Internet, I don’t Fozzy could exist.”

Whether Chris Jericho Will Leave WWE When His Contract Expires This Year:

“He has told me that he has no plans on retiring, so as far as Chris stepping away from the ring, I have no idea if he has any plans to do that beyond the contract. I know from talking to him, and Chris’s business is his business, and never would I try to step and make announcements for him, but I think he told me that he’s contract negotiations with the WWE. With that in mind, I have no indications that he’s gonna take time off. I know he got two weeks off to do the UK run, and I know anytime we could get ‘Uncle Vinnie’ to give us a couple of weeks to go and play some rock shows in the UK, I feel like I owe him a steak dinner.”

Fozzy’s Potential:

“To answer that honestly, I don’t even think about tomorrow. I’m so focused in the now and what I’m doing instead of looking down the road. I feel like that has worked for me, and maybe other people it helps to plans things, but I find for my music career (in general) if I’m touring with Stuck Mojo, I focus 1,000 percent on that. If I’m with Chris, and we’re on tour with Fozzy, I don’t think about Stuck Mojo, and I don’t think about what I’m gonna have for dinner. I think Fozzy could go on until no one wants to hear another one of our songs, and we will continue to play to out four or five fan club members. We will just continue to rock on at a very high level of proficiency.”

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