Full Report from TNA’s Genesis PPV

– Tonight’s TNA Genesis pay-per-view kicks off with a video package with several TNA stars talking about aspiring to be the best in the world since they were young. It has a “dream” theme to it. The pyro explodes and we go to the iMPACT Zone where we see the four-sided ring. Mike Tenay calls this the first pay-per-view in the Hogan/Bischoff era and welcomes us to Genesis. We go to the ring.



– Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff make their way out to the ring to a nice reaction from the crowd. A big “Hogan” chant breaks out. Hogan welcomes us to Genesis and there’s Brooke Hogan in the crowd. Hogan welcomes us to the brand new iMPACT Zone and that gets a mixed reaction. A big “we want six sides” chant breaks out. Hogan says you had six sides and it only got you so far. The crowd boo’s at this. Hogan rips on the six side ring and the crowd is hating it. Hogan puts over TNA, trying to get the fans back and takes a shot at Vince McMahon. Bischoff takes the mic and says it’s quite obvious that nobody likes change but that’s what they are all about. More boo’s from the crowd. Bischoff says get used to change because there’s a lot more coming. Hogan ends it with: “what ya gonna do Vince McMahon, now that we’re coming after you?” The music hits again and Hogan & Bischoff head to the back, slapping hands with the fans.

X Division Title Match: Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick

We go to the ring again where the TNA X Division Champion Amazing Red makes his way out. Out next is his mystery partner and it’s… Brian Kendrick, to a nice pop. Kendrick is wearing what looks like the same gear he wore in WWE. The crowd starts chanting Kendrick’s name. He’s got a weird classical music theme. The bell rings and here we go.

Kendrick starts things out with a kick, but Red avoids it. Kendrick takes Red down into an arm bar, but Red is able to work out into a hammerlock. Kendrick rolls through to break the hold. Both men lock up and Red ends up in yet another arm bar, courtesy of Kendrick. Kendrick changes it up into a camel clutch while hitting a couple of cross face blows on Red. Red fights up to his feet and both men jockey for position.

Kendrick kicks Red in the head, sending him outside and into the barricade. Brooke Hogan is sitting ringside, urging on Red. Kendrick follows to the outside where he kicks away at Red’s leg. Back in the ring and Kendrick continues to work over Red’s leg with a stiff kick and a leg bar.

Kendrick hits a running kick to Red’s knee before choking away at him in the corner. Kendrick wraps Red’s leg up in the ropes, just wrenching away at his knee. Kendrick locks in a modified half crab, but Red makes it to the ropes, forcing him to break the hold. Kendrick continues his assault on Red’s knee, hanging it up in the ropes and kicking away. Kendrick climbs up to the second rope, but Red hits a beautiful spinning kick sending Kendrick to the floor. Red follows out with a front flip senton from the top rope out to the floor and on top of Kendrick.

Red sends Kendrick back into the ring and goes up top for a shotgun missile dropkick, Red tries for the cover but Kendrick kicks out at two. Kendrick sends Red into the corner, but he eats Red’s boot twice. Red goes for a cross body, but Kendrick ducks and locks in another modified single leg Boston crab. Kendrick modifies the hold again into a modified STF with a couple of headbutts for good measure. Red rolls over into the ropes, forcing a break.

Red hits an enzugiri out of nowhere, which he follows up with a dropkick to Kendrick’s back. Red ducks a clothesline, and comes through with a hurricarana. Red goes for the cover again, but Kendrick grabs the ropes at two, stopping the count. Kendrick holds onto the ropes while Red tries to yank him off. The ref backs Red off and Red eats a kick to the face from Kendrick that’s good for a near fall. Kendrick shows his frustration, kicking at Red and sending him to the outside. Red hits a springboard into the Code Red out of nowhere, he pins Kendrick and gets the three count.

Winner: Amazing Red

– We go backstage with Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, Kevin Nash, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. He thanks them for making the save last week. Bischoff mentions Hall and Waltman aren’t under contract. Hogan says everything is moving fast and it’s time to get real. Hogan tells them this is their one shot, make it happen because there might not be another. Hogan and Eric walk off. Hall talks about how he needs this tonight, he needs to earn his money. Waltman asks what about him. They fight over who is teaming with Nash tonight. Nash walks off and Pac and Hall play paper, rock, scissors to decide who teams. Waltman wins.

Sean Morley vs. Daniels

We go to the ring where Sean Morley makes his way out. He stops by and gives Brooke Hogan something. A “we want wrestling” chant breaks out. Morley cuts a promo on Daniels and says tonight he presents his first feature film. Daniels comes out and takes the mic. The crowd starts getting behind him and he tells them to shut up. Daniels threatens to slap several fans. They finally start going at it and the bell rings.

Daniels bails to the outside immediately, forcing Morley to follow him. Morley tries to suplex Daniels into the ring, but Daniels counters and responds with a couple of quick strikes, Morley comes back with a couple of running knees to the midsection before hitting a Russian leg sweep. Morley hits Daniels in the ribs several times, focusing his attack. Morley hits a pumphandle gut buster that sends Daniels to the apron. Morley bends Daniels against the ropes before hitting Daniels in the ribs, but on the second attempt, Daniels hangs Morley up on the top rope.

Daniels locks in a modified triangle choke, but Morley gets to the ropes to force a break of the hold. Daniels hits a huge chop, and a palm thrust to the throat. Daniels hits a bulldog, hanging Morley up on the top rope, before he locks in a modified octopus and hitting a fall away kick to Morley’s head. Daniels hits a springboard moonsault, but it’s only good for two. Daniels chokes Morley on the middle rope, continually going back to it, no matter what the ref says. Daniels hits a kick to Morley’s chest. Morley begins to fight back with a couple of right hands and Morley begins to build momentum.

Morley suplexes Daniels onto the top rope before hitting a modified sit out powerbomb that’s only good for two. Morley hits a double underhook butterfly suplex, but when he goes for a clothesline, Daniels ducks, hits an STO, and locks in the koji clutch.

Morley turns the submission into a pin, forcing Daniels to break the hold. Daniels hits an enzugiri, and another STO, but it’s only good for a near fall. Daniels hits a rock bottom, but when he goes for the BME, Morley rolls out of the way. Morley connects with a half nelson suplex before he goes to the top himself. Daniels stops Morley, crotching him on the top rope. Daniels tries for a top rope hurricarana, but Morley swats him away. Morley hits the Money Shot, and gets the three count.

Winner: Sean Morley

2 out of 3 Falls TNA Knockouts Title Match: ODB vs. Tara

We get a promo video showing the events leading to this match. Tenay runs down the feud before Tara makes her way out first followed by the Knockouts Champion ODB. They square off before the bell and here we go.

Both women gets in each others faces at the outset of the match, pulling at each others hair and the ref is forced to break it up. Tara hits a big spear and starts wailing away at ODB. Tara works on ODB’s arm with an arm scissors, before walking over ODB’s stomach and hitting a standing moonsault. Tara clubs away at ODB’s back. Both women trade blows in the middle of the ring, Tara hitting some nasty chops. Tara ducks a forearms and hits a series of kicks to ODB’s midsection, before hitting a jumping knee to ODB’s face. Tara hits a slingshot legdrop, but it’s only good for two.

Tara ducks a clothesline and ODB catches her when she tries for a cross body. ODB hits a fall away slam. Tara surprises ODB with a small package that’s good for a three count.

Winner of the first fall: Tara

ODB attacks Tara during the rest period, and when the bell rings she slams her into the turnbuckle. ODB chokes Tara with her boot in the corner. ODB continues to choke Tara, this time on the middle rope. ODB charges Tara in the corner, but she eats an elbow and finds herself locked in the tarantula. Tara falls to the apron, where a baseball slide from ODB sends her to the floor. ODB follows out, and hangs Tara up on the ring apron, dropping her from a fireman’s carry position. ODB jaws with Brooke Hogan for a minute before heading back into the ring.

ODB brings Tara back into the ring by her hair before she locks in a body scissors. ODB rolls Tara into pinning position, but Tara kicks out and it’s right back to the body scissors. Tara reaches for the ropes, but ODB pulls her right back into the middle by her hair, prompting the ref to break the hold. ODB locks in another body scissors, adding a rear choke this time.

ODB breaks the hold, picks Tara up and hits a running powerslam. ODB keeps checking her pulse. Tara is able to surprise ODB out of nowhere with a Widow’s peak. She pins ODB, winning her second straight fall and the match.

Winner and New TNA Knockouts Champion: Tara

– We go backstage with Christy Hemme and The Pope. He says he heard there’s a party tonight. Pope cuts a promo on Desmond Wolfe, talking about their match tonight.

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: Hernandez & Matt Morgan vs. The British Invasion

We get the tale of the tape for tonight’s TNA World Tag Team Title match before the team of Hernandez and Matt Morgan make their way out. Out next comes TNA’s Tag Team Champions, The British Invasion. Brutus and Morgan start the match off.

Morgan uses his power early, shoving Magnus to the mat. Magnus locks in a headlock, but Morgan fights out and sends him back down to the mat with a shoulder block. Magnus bails to the outside for a bit. When he gets back in, Morgan tries for a chokeslam, but Magnus pokes his eye and tags out of Williams. BI looks to double team Morgan, but Hernandez is in to make the save and send both men to the floor. Hernandez tags in, and he and Williams go at it, with Williams hitting a couple of European uppercuts and a high knee, but when he tries for a suplex, Hernandez gets him up instead. Williams reverses out, but he falls victim to a back body drop, and a big splash in the corner.

Hernandez tries for a powerbomb, but Magnus comes in a clips his knee to prevent it. Williams picks up Hernandez and slams his head into the corner before kicking away at Hernandez’s legs. Hernandez flips himself up to the top turnbuckle, but Williams is there, trying for a superplex. Magnus attacks Morgan, causing the distraction, and BI hit a double superplex on Hernandez. BI double team Hernandez after Magnus tags in.

Magnus locks in a sleeper, but Hernandez fights out of it. Williams catches Hernandez with a knee as he comes off the ropes, and Magnus goes right into an abdominal stratch (assisted of course, by Williams). The ref catches the assist and forces a break. Hernandez comes right back, hitting a crazy gut wrench suplex. Both men make the tag to their partners, and Morgan comes in to clean house. Morgan hits rapid fire elbows on Williams, before he picks him up by the back of the neck and slams him into the top turnbuckle.

All four men are in the ring and things are breaking down quickly. Morgan hits a big clothesline on Magnus and all four men are down. Morgan and Williams are left in the ring, where Williams hits a couple of forearms, but quickly falls victim to a chokeslam. Morgan goes for the cover but it’s only good for two. BI double team Morgan again, this time with a big boot into a German suplex, but again it’s only good for a near fall. Morgan fights off another double team, splashing Magnus in the corner, and slamming Williams into the ring from the top turnbuckle. Hernandez hits a big slam on Magnus and Morgan follows up with the Carbon footprint. Morgan goes for the pin, and that’s it.

Winners and New TNA Tag Team Champions: Matt Morgan and Hernandez

– We go backstage where Bobby Lashley is in Eric Bischoff’s office. Abyss lays out Lashley. Bischoff freaks out and says Abyss just ruined tonight’s semi-main event. Hulk Hogan walks in, sends Bischoff out and has a talk with Abyss. Hogan says he feels crazy tonight. Hogan promises Abyss will have a match tonight. Hogan won’t tell him who his opponent is but tells Abyss to bring his best game tonight and earn his shot.

The Pope vs. Desmond Wolfe

We go to the ring where Desmond Wolfe makes his way out first. He’s got a new female valet with him. Out next is The Pope and it starts raining money in the iMPACT Zone as he comes out. Desmond’s new girl removes his new outer gear before the match starts. The bell rings and here we go.

Both men lock up right off the bat, chain wrestling for a minute, before Pope hits a flying shoulder block. Pope sends Wolfe into the corner, but he eats an elbow. Wolfe hits a headstand mule kick. Pope tries for his big elbow drop in the corner, but Wolfe shoves him off to the outside. Pope locks up Desmond into a crazy rope assisted Boston crab, which he follows up with a middle rope fist drop. Pope tries for the pin but he only gets two.

Pope and Wolfe fight to the floor where Wolfe lands a blow to Pope’s knee. Back in the ring, Wolfe hits a throat chop before hitting a snap mare into the ropes. Wolfe hits another snap mare into the ropes before locking in a single leg Boston crab. Pope struggles and is able to make it to the ropes to force a break. Wolve utilizes a crazy submission move, using one of Pope’s legs to put pressure on the other. Wolfe hits a drop toe hold which works right into a bridging leg lock.

Wolfe continues to work over the knee, wrenching away at it. Pope kicks away at Wolfe, but Wolfe just locks up his other leg and goes to work with a modified STF. Pope is able to make it to the ropes and break the hold.

Wolfe hits another throat chop in the corner, before choking Pope and dropkicking him in the leg. Wolfe hits a European uppercut, but Pope fights back with a couple of big slaps. It doesn’t last long though as Wolfe comes back with a big forearm to Pope’s face. Wolfe places Pope on the top turnbuckle, and he tries for the Tower of London, but Pope fights out and is able to surprise Wolfe with an STO. Pope hits a crazy suplex DDT, but it’s only good for a two count.

Wolfe sends Pope into the corner, bends him back and hits a big clothesline across the chest. Wolfe wraps Pope’s leg in the rope and he bends him back against the ring post, but it doesn’t last long as the ref forces him to break the hold. Wolfe threatens the ref, then turns right around into a spinebuster from Pope.

Pope hits a big slap to Wolfe’s face, but Wolfe twists his arm and slams him down to the mat. Wolfe tries for another single leg crab, but Pope turns it into a small package, that’s only good for two. Pope tries for a backslide, but when he can’t get it, he backflips over Wolfe and tries for another small package, but he can’t hold Wolfe down. Wolfe hits a spinning back elbow, and he backs Pope up into the corner. Wolfe tries for a back splash, but Pope avoids it and hits a rope assisted neck breaker that’s good for two. Wolfe tries for another headstand mule kick, but Pope catches him and hits a sit-out Alabama slammer, good for another near fall. Pope pulls his kneepads down, but when he tries for the double knees. Wolfe hits a huge lariat. Wolfe pins Pope, and this one is over.

Winner: Desmond Wolfe

– Tenay and Taz run down tonight’s events so far. We go backstage with Jeremy Borash. Eric Bischoff walks up and cuts him off. Bischoff asks him what he’s doing and he says his job. Eric says this is no longer JB’s job. Bischoff says until further notice, he’s taking Borash off TV. Christy Hemme walks up and Bischoff hands her the mic. Ric Flair walks up and stares down Bischoff. He walks off. Hemme asks Flair what his role in TNA is going to be. Flair says when he’s ready to say, he will. Flair puts himself over, yells a Whooo and walks off.

Beer Money vs. Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman

We get a video showing the events leading up to The Band vs. Beer Money. Out first comes the team of Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman, who will be replacing Scott Hall tonight. Beer Money is out next and they’re ready to fight. Storm and Waltman are starting things off as we get the bell.

Storm pokes Waltman in the eye to start things off, following it up with a hip toss and an arm drag. Storm hits a beautiful neckbreaker, but it’s only good for a two count. Storm tags in Roode, and BMI double team Waltman. Waltman rakes Roode’s eyes and tags in Nash, who comes in and goes to work on Roode, hitting a couple of big elbows and choking him against the ropes.

Roode fights back with a couple of chops, and a clothesline, but his clothesline has no effect on Nash. Roode drops a clothesline from Nash and takes him down with a flying shoulder block. Roode makes the tag to Storm, who comes in and assists with the wishbone before hitting a drop toe hold, sending Waltman head first into Nash’s crotch. Storm is distracted by Waltman, and he walks right into a clothesline from Nash.

Waltman tags in and hits a quick running leg drop, before hitting a big spin kick. Nash tags in and hits a couple of big knees to Storm’s midsection in the corner. Nash chokes Storm with his boot, before tagging back out to Waltman. Waltman hits Storm with a series of knees in the corner, and he distracts the ref, allowing Nash to hit a couple of cheap shots. Nash tags back in and hits a big clothesline in the corner, before Waltman follows up with a bronco buster.

Nash hits a side walk slam, but Roode is in to break up the pin attempt. Nash hits a couple of terrible looking elbows in the corner before tagging out again to Waltman. Waltman tries for another bronco buster, but Storm moves and Waltman connects with the bottom turnbuckle instead. Nash comes in to prevent Storm from making the tag. Nash tries for a big elbow, but Storm moves and hits a codebreaker. Waltman tags in, but he can’t stop Storm from making the tag. Roode comes in and cleans house on Waltman with a couple of clotheslines and a back body drop. Roode fights off Nash, before hitting a spinebuster on Waltman, but Nash is there to break it up.

BMI hit a double suplex on Waltman, before getting the crowd amped up with their ‘Beer Money’ schtick. Hall is out on the ramp to distract BMI. BMI turn around right into a double clothesline from Nash. Nash hits a chokeslam on Roode, but it’s only good for a two count. Hall attacks a fan at ringside, and Waltman tries to break it up. BMI hit a superkick into a pinning predicament on Nash. Roode makes the pin, and this one is over.

Winners: Beer Money

– After the match, Waltman and Hall try to help Nash up but he’s pissed off.

– We go backstage with Hogan and Bischoff watching what just happened on a monitor. Hogan isn’t happy. He says he has a full plate tonight but will call The Band out on iMPACT this week. Bischoff tells Hogan he was brilliant on the whole Abyss situation. We go to the ring.

Ken Anderson vs. Abyss

We go to the ring where Abyss makes his way out. Ken Anderson comes out to a nice entrance. His microphone drops from the ceiling. He says he’s just crossed the line. He talks about reading everyone’s Twitters and Facebooks and here he is. Kennedy begins his big introduction on the mic and stops in the middle of Mr…. He continues with Mr…. Ke… Mr…. Anderson… ANDERSON! Kennedy heads to the ring for his match with Abyss.

Anderson tries for a handshake at the beginning of the match, and when Abyss goes for it, Anderson slaps him. Abyss slaps him right back, sending him to the mat. Abyss is able to send Anderson to the mat again with a shoulderblock and Anderson looks amused. Anderson kicks at Abyss’ leg, and he goes to work with a couple of strikes, but he walks right into a chop from Abyss. Abyss charges Anderson in the corner, but he eats a boot. Anderson tries to go up top, but Abyss blocks it. Anderson grabs Abyss’ arm and yanks it down across the top rope.

Anderson continues to work over Abyss’ arm before hitting a chop block to his knee. Anderson hits a running kick to Abyss’ face, sending him to the outside. Anderson follows, slamming Abyss’ arm into the ring apron, and then the ring steps next to the entrance ramp. Anderson wraps Abyss’ arm around the steel ring post and wrenches away. Anderson grabs a chair from the front row, but Abyss kicks it away and goes to work with a couple of big right hands. Back in the ring, Anderson surprises Abyss with a kick and sends him head first into the turnbuckle.

Anderson locks in a hammerlock, sending Abyss shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Anderson tries for a quick roll up, but he can only get two. Anderson continues to work over Abyss’ arm with an arm bar, but Abyss fights his way out, sending Anderson to the mat with a shoulder block. Abyss hurts himself though, and Anderson comes back with a single arm DDT that’s good for a near fall. Anderson locks in a modified top wrist lock, but Abyss is able to fight out again, this time backing Anderson into the corner and taking him over with a judo hip toss. Abyss charges Anderson, but he ends up running into a boot. Anderson comes back, but walks into a big boot himself.

Abyss connects with a big splash in the corner, and a side slam, but Anderson is able to kick out at two. Abyss signals for the chokeslam, but Anderson is able to fight him off with a kick. Abyss goes for the shock treatment, but Anderson fights out and hits a hangman’s neckbreaker.

Anderson tries to comes off the top rope on Abyss, but he ends up caught in a chokeslam that’s good for a two count. Both men are back up on their feet. Anderson ducks a punch from Abyss and hits him with one of his own. Abyss tries for the shock treatment, and he’s able to connect this time, but he still can’t keep Anderson down for a three count. Abyss goes to the outside, where he grabs a chair. Anderson grabs brass knuckles out of his trunks, and while the ref pulls the chair away from Abyss and disposes of it, Anderson hits Abyss with the knucks. Anderson makes the pin, and this one is over. After the announcer declares Anderson the winner, he takes the mic and announces himself again as the winner.

Winner: Ken Anderson

– We go to a long video package hyping tonight’s Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles match, with comments from both of them and Hulk Hogan. Tenay and Taz do the tale of the tape and focal points for this match. We go to the ring. This is Angle’s last shot at AJ’s World Title in 2010.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles

We see Kurt Angle backstage heading to the arena. His music hits and out he comes to a nice pop from the crowd. Out next is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles to a nice reaction from the crowd. Thankfully we get no formal ring introductions from Jeremy Borash tonight. The bell rings and here we go.

Both men lock up and Angle backs AJ up into the corner where we get a clean break. Angle takes AJ down with an arm bar, but Styles fights out and locks in an arm bar of his own. Angle gets to the ropes, and the crowd is hot, with dueling chants. AJ locks in a keylock, but Angle is able to reverse. AJ and Angle continue to chain wrestler, trading holds.

Angle sends AJ to the ring apron with a shoulderblock. AJ sends Angle to the outside with a shoulderblock of his own. Angle tries for a German suplex, but AJ backflips out. We get some crazy chain wrestling that’s great, but too fast for my fingers to keep up. Angle and AJ lock up in a test of strength, and Angle gets the advantage of the bat. AJ is able to roll through and put the pressure on Angle’s hands, but Angle makes it to the ropes to force a break. AJ ducks and dives over and under Angle before hitting a beautiful dropkick.

Styles locks in a rear chin lock, but Angle fights up to his feet. Styles hits a couple of elbows to the back of Angle’s neck. AJ rocks Angle with a forearm in the corner before following up with a big chop. Styles his a backbreaker that’s good for a two count. AJ goes right back into the rear chin lock, but Angle fights out again, though he quickly falls victim to an elbow that sends him to the floor. AJ jumps to the ring apron, but his feet are taken out from under him by Angle. Angle follows up with a vicious dropkick.

Back in the ring, Angle hits a snap suplex, and he follows up with a seated bear hug. AJ is able to make his way to his feet and elbow Angle in the face, breaking the hold, but Angle comes right back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that’s good for a near fall. Angle slams AJ into the corner, and then chokes away at him. Angle picks AJ up and slams him down to the mat, but he still can’t keep AJ down for a three. Angle locks in a bodyscissors.

Angle turns the submission into a rear chin lock, but AJ fights back up to his feet, working his way out of the submission. AJ ducks a clothesline from Angle and hits him with back to back clotheslines and a kick to the chest. AJ tries for a clothesline, but Angle ducks it and retaliates with a German suplex.

Angle stomps away at AJ in the corner, before dragging him out and hitting a side backbreaker. Angle locks in another rear chin lock, burying his knee in AJ’s back for extra pressure. AJ is able to fight back, with chops and forearms. Both men go for a cross body block, and both men are down.

Both men are back to their feet by a nine count, and Ric Flair is out on the entrance ramp, making his way down toward the ring. Angle and AJ trade blows in the middle of the ring, with Angle getting the advantage. Angle charges AJ in the corner, but AJ sends him to the ring apron, and a forearm sends him to the floor. AJ charges Angle and launches himself over the rope with a front flip dive, and Kurt’s knee looks to be in bad shape.

Back in the ring, AJ hits a crazy neckbreaker from the fireman’s carry position, before connecting with the springboard flying forearm. Styles tries for the Styles Clash, but Angle reverses out with a back body drop. Angle hits three German suplexes in a row, and he tries for the Angle slam, but AJ counters with an arm drag. Angle hits another vicious German suplex that’s good for a near fall.

Angle tries for another Angle slam, but AJ reverses out and comes back with a Pele kick that’s good for a two count. AJ tries for the Styles Clash again, but Angle backs him up into the corner and buries his shoulder in AJ’s stomach. AJ tries to hit Angle with a splash, but Angle ducks a blasts AJ with a huge lariat that’s good for a near fall. Angle goes for the ankle lock, but AJ fights it off and connects with a lariat of his own.

AJ picks Angle up and takes him to the corner, where he hits a big forearm. AJ pounds away at Kurt in the corner, but Angle ducks out and sends AJ into the corner with a huge belly to belly suplex that’s good for two. Angle puts AJ on the top turnbuckle, but Styles fights out, and launches himself off the middle rope, connecting with a hurricarana. Styles goes for the springboard 450, but Angle moves. Angle hits the Angle slam, but it’s still not good enough to keep AJ down for three. Angle goes up to the top rope and tries for a moonsault, but AJ is able to get out of the way and both men are down.

AJ is back to his feet first, and he tries for the Styles Clash, but Angle turns it around into an ankle lock. AJ tries for the ropes, but Angle pulls him back to the middle of the ring. AJ turns it over and kicks away at Kurt, causing him to break the hold. AJ goes out to the canvas, and launches himself back in the ring with a springboard crossbody. AJ sets Angle up in the corner, and he tries for a top rope Styles Clash, but Angle fights out. AJ jumps off the turnbuckle, but Angle catches him with a Styles Clash of his own, but AJ kicks out at two!

Angle tries for another Angle slam, but Styles reverses it into a DDT. Angle charges AJ in the corner, but AJ moves and Angle connects with the steel ring post. AJ is right there to hit an Angle slam, but it’s not good enough for a three count. Styles goes to the top, but Angle pops up and connects with an Angle slam from the top rope, but AJ is still able to kick out!

Angle pulls down the straps and goes right into the ankle lock. AJ tries for the ropes, but Angle won’t let him touch them. AJ tries to kick him away, but Angle will not let go. Angle grapevines the leg, and AJ taps, but Flair pulls the ref out of the ring!

Angle stares down Flair, and he chases him around and through the ring, but he walks right into a clothesline from AJ. Flair slides the TNA Championship into the ring at AJ’s feet and tells him ‘now’. AJ turns around and blasts Angle with the title belt. Flair throws the ref back into the ring, and Hebner makes the three count.

Winner: AJ Styles

Flair is in the ring with the TNA title to celebrate with AJ. Styles says it’s all about him, and Ric Flair. Flair raises Styles’ hand, and this looks to be the beginning of a heel turn for AJ.

Styles celebrates with Flair and his title to end the show.

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