Full Report from UFC 102: Couture vs. Nogueira

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Main Bouts:
-Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira def. Randy Couture by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
-Thiago Silva def. Keith Jardine by KO (Punch) at 1:35, R1
-Jake Rosholt def. Chris Leben by Submission (Arm Triangle Choke) at 1:30, R3
-Nate Marquardt def. Demian Maia by KO at :21, R1
-Brandon Vera def. Krzystztof Soszynski by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Preliminary Bouts:
– Aaron Simpson def. Ed Herman by TKO (Injury) at :17, R2
-Gabriel Gonzaga def. Chris Tuchscherer by TKO (Strikes) at 2:27, R1
-Mike Russow def. Justin McCully by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-26, 30-27)
-Todd Duffee def. Tim Hague by KO at :07, R1
-Mark Munoz def. Nick Catone by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)
-Evan Dunham def. Marcus Aurelio by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

-Marcus Aurelio vs. Evan Dunham

R1 – Southpaw Dunham leads with punches but gets air. Dunham connects with right hook and a smile. Aurelio returns fire. Aurelio nearly misses with an uppercut. Dunham counters nicely with straight left. So far, a boxing match. Dunham still angling for straight one-two combo, corners Aurelio and throws a combo, but Aurelio escapes. Dunham connects with a right hook that floors Aurelio. In an instant, Dunham swarms Maximus with punches, but backs away with arms to the sky, daring Aurelio to stand with him. Aurelio eats another punches in his first exchange back. Dunham gets stung with a straight right but gives a smile and a wave in. Dunham again with one-two and Aurelio shoots but Evan is having none of it. Aurelio wings a punch and misses. Dunham over and over with straight left. Aurelio almost lands straight cross of his own. Dunham pumps the audience up after the bell.

R2- Aurelio’s face is swelling. Dunham starts working leg kicks. Aurelio shoots for a takedown but gets nothing. Dunham with another nice punch combination. Dunham misses a combo and Aurelio takes it to the ground, landing in half guard against the cage. Aurelio with right hands from the top. Evan scoots out the bottom and shakes his head as the two return to their feet. Dunham lands one two combo, but eats a right hand, then another as he attempts to time his one-two. Dunham catches a finger to the eye and gets a brief pause. After restart, Dunham connects again with a combo and quickly fights off a takedown against the cage. Aurelio swings and misses after breaking contact. Aurelio is charging in and throwing punches. Dunham is hanging in the pocket, landing more accurate and powerful shots. After one exchange, he lands nice kick to body and nearly misses a flying knee. Aurelio again shoots and the cage stops his takedown. Dunham sprawls against fence and escapes. Dunham eats a stiff right hand. Aurelio charges in and gets tagged again. A nice body shot from Dunham, followed by a leg kick. Dunham lands a combination in the pocket as round ends.

R3- Dunham sits on his punch and gets taken down quickly. Aurelio tries to pass guard and is rebuffed. Aurelio working the body. Dunham attempting to control posture as Aurelio works elbows and tries to pass again. Dunham gets to his feet but is trapped in front headlock. Action stalls against cage. Aurelio works for a modified guillotine and flips Dunham over. It looks deep. Dunham somehow escapes and the two go toe-to-toe in the center of the cage. Aurelio shoots again for takedown and Dunham works a wizard, then attemps kimura. Aurelio gets into Dunham’s guard, but Dunham uses butterfly to sweep him and returns to his feet. When Aurelio shoots again, he gets underhooks and gets top position. Dunham returns to his feet and the two swing for the fences. Dunham lands a few punches, but not enough to keep Aurelio from the shot. Dunham shrugs off takedown and lands hard punches as the round comes to an end.

Two judges give Evan Dunham the fight with 29-28, 30-27 scores, while one dissents with a 29-28 score for Aurelio.

Mark Munoz vs. Nick Catone

R1- The two clash in center of cage and tie up with Munoz working knees. Catone presses to edge of cage and lands a few good punches before backing off. Munoz shoots almost immediately but Catone’s takedown defense is strong. Catone with straight right, Munoz returns with right uppercut. Munoz with a bolo. Munoz punches his way in and ties up, where the two exchange knees against cage. After breaking off, Catone catches a kick south of the border. They restart Catone gets a takedown, landing in side control. Munoz attempts to reverse. Catone with knees to the body. Action stalls. Munoz attempts to escape out the back door and the two scramble for position. Munoz ends up at Catone’s back standing against the cage. Munoz picks up Catone and slams him down, but Catone pops up and the two are back on their feet. Munoz throwing hard punches that are blocked by Catone. Another takedown attempt fails for Munoz. The two exchange knees in the clinch before Catone wrestles the action down at the bell.

R2- Catone catches a leg kick and gets an easy takedown, passing quickly to side guard. Munoz again scrambles for position and nearly gives up his back before getting to his feet and breaking off. The two tie up and Munoz lands a knee before they hit the cage. Munoz with double underhooks tries to drag the action down. Catone eats a few knees in the clinch and breaks off. The two clash with jabs. Catone lands a two-punch combination that appears to stagger Munoz. Munoz drives the action to the fence and trips Catone to the ground. Catone will not be taken down easily and scrambles back up, repaying Munoz with a punch as he gets to his feet. Munoz with straight right. Catone repays with the same. Munoz with two straight rights that prompt a shot from Catone. Catone is caught in a guillotinue and drops to one knee. Munoz cranks but can’t finish it before the bell.

R3- Munoz leads with punches then shoots in for a single leg. Catone somersaults his way out of the attempt and catches a punch when righting himself. Munoz definitely the aggressor in exchanges, but the two are landing equally. Catone lands a nice combo and stuffs a shot, almost wheeling around to Munoz’s back. The two scramble for position and return to their feet. Catone shoots and is again caught in a guillotine. Catone uses the attempt to pass to half guard. Catone rolls for a toe hold but misses and is dumped on his head by Munoz. Catone pops back up and the two are back at it. Catone eats a couple of bolos and gets an easy takedown. He scrambles to Munoz’s back, but Munoz bucks him off and takes half guard. Munoz with a few short elbows. Catone rolls for another kneebar but is pushed back down. Munoz scambles to Catone’s back and unloads with hard right hands. Catone attempts to roll away but has nowhere to go. Catone rolls again and the two end awkwardly tangled on the mat.

Munoz wins two judges’ nods with 30-27 and 29-28 scores and Catone gets one nod with a 29-28 score.

Todd Duffee vs. Tim Hague

R1- Duffee drops Hague with a stiff left hand and follows it with right hands on the ground that knock the Canadian out cold. 7 seconds is all Todd Dufee needs to gain his first UFC victory.

Mike Russow vs. Justin McCully

R1- Russow ties the action up early and gets McCully’s right leg, driving him to the canvas and standing over him. McCully rolls to his knees and attempts to right himself, but Russow powers him down again and stands overhead. Russow takes McCully’s guard and unloads right hands. McCully eats a punch or two before Russow stands over him once again and tries to pass guard. Russow stands once again and lands punches overhead. Russow takes half-guard and unloads left hands against the cage. McCully stands, but it’s not long before Russow grabs a leg and takes him down again, shrugging off a kimura attempt. McCully escapes out the back door on the ground and takes Russow’s back. Russow uses hand control and reverses, again standing over McCully and working to punch. McCully grabs a leg and goes for a foot lock, but Russow powers out again. Round ends with Russow in McCully’s guard.

Ringside doc is checking on McCully in his corner between rounds. McCully looks hurt. Ringside doc pushes an upright McCully a few times to see if he can keep his balance. He can, and the doc lets the fight go on.

R2- Russow powers his way to a takedown and works from half-guard. Russow works for a kimura. Russow gives up kimura, stands up, then returns to half guard. McCully attempts to stand and Russow almost steps to his back. McCully squares up and is caught in a front headlock as he drives forward. McCully attempts to roll away from the smothering Russow but gets nowhere. Russow, at McCully’s back, unloads with punches. Ref Herb Dean stops the fight and tends to an obviously afflicted McCully. Action is restarted. McCully attempts a knee as Russow charges in but is on the mat in a flash. Russow works for a kimura from side guard and has it locked as the bell rings. McCully lingers on the mat afterwards.

R3- McCully’s left eye is almost swollen shut. McCully with a jab and a short combination. Nothing lands squarely. Russow just waiting for the takedown. McCully leaps in with a punch and is on his back once again. McCully lands an upkick, but that’s about all that’s going on as the two flounder in guard. Russow working ineffective ground and pound. Dean stands them up. Russow charges in and gets a swarm of punches and a knee. He re-invests and gets a leg, dumping McCully once again. Russow again flailing with short punches. Dean ends the stalemate and stands them up again. McCully nearly chambers a knee as Russow closes distance, but misses and is taken down once again as the round ends. Horribly uneventful fight.

All three judges give Russow the fight with 29-28, 30-26, and 30-27 scores.

R1- Gonazaga’s first leg kick lands hard south of the border, dropping the newcomer flat on his back. Chris is still writhing in pain after several moments. Ringside doctors attend to him. He writhes as doctors try to attend to him. Tuchscherer is heaving as doctors sit him up. After a few moments, he gets to a stool, then stands after a few more. He’s having a conversation with the doctor. He looks uncertain whether to continue, but decides to go again.

Gonzaga immediately catches Chris with a headkick as he tries to go for a takedown. The two fall to the mat simultaneously, and Gonzaga takes mount, threatening with anrmbard. After another short struggle, Gonzaga mounts again and lands an elbow that cuts Chris open. Chris turns to his back, where he fights off a rear naked choke. He escapes, but catches more punishment with Gonzaga at his back. Gonzaga pulls away from a feeble takedown attempt and returns to Chris’ back, where he pours on the punishment until the referee steps in to stop the mauling at 2:27.

R1- Herman jams in with a jab and peppers Simpson with combinations as he closes distance. A left hook lands for Herman. Simpson with a stiff right hand and a lighting fast takedown. Simpson stands over head and lands a straight right as Herman gets up. Herman is quickly fighting for his life. Simpson stands over again and Herman tries to vault two left kicks at his head. Simpson fighting off Herman’s legs, lands punches overhead. Herman’s kick backs Simpson off and Herman charges after with a knee. He falls on his butt and pops up, where the two resume kickboxing. Herman’s bell has been rung; he looks slow on his feet. Simpson catches him with a blistering punch that flash KO’s him and again, Herman is fighting for his life as Simpson swarms on the ground. Herman traps Simpson’s hand, looking for an armbar, but it’s no dice. Simpson stands overhead again. Simpson lets Herman up. Herman with left hook. Simpson with another right hand that fells Herman and Simpson lands shots again from up top as the bell ends. Herman hobbles back to his corner. It looks like he’s injured his left knee.

R2- Simpson circles away from an advancing Herman. Herman plants for a leg kick and catches another right hand, but it’s his knee he’s clutching as he hits the canvas. Ref Yves Lavigne quickly waves off the fight. Instant replay reveals Herman has badly popped his knee. Action is over at :17 of the round.

Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Brandon Vera

R1- Soszynski closes distance with strikes and catches a hard kick to the body that backs him off. Soszynski charges again and gets air. Vera with a straight left. The two trade jabs. Vera with hard leg kick that Soszynski acknowledges. Soszynski charges in and eats a knee to his body. Vera counters punch with leg kick. Vera barely misses with an uppercut as Soszynski closes and the two tie up against the cage. Action stalls. Vera threatens with a plumb and backs off, changing stances. Soszynski bleeding below left eye. The two tie up again against the fence, where Vera works knees to the body. They go after each other’s knees. Soszynski threatens with a plumb and Vera disengages. Soszynski lands a jab and charges in for a takedown but gets stuffed, eating a few short elbows in the process as the bell rings.

R2- Vera connects with an upward jab, then a straight to the body as round begins. Vera angles off and Soszynski charges in, landing punches. Vera angles off again and Soszynski pursues to the cage, where the two lock up. Vea gets a plumb and lands knee to Soszynski’s dome. They break shortly but are tied up again in no time. Soszynski with a few short elbows from the clinch. They disengage. Vera picking his shots while Soszynski is the aggressor. Vera’s technique is more sound, and he’s outpointing Soszynski in exchanges. Soszynski, however, charges in and fires away, getting the first takedown of the fight. Vera immediately pops up and the two wrestle for position again. The round ends with Vera looking for short elbows in the clinch. Not a decisive round for either.

R3- Vera lands a straight left and a shot to the body that sends Sozynski backwards. He follows with a kick flurry that looks better for camera than for damage. Soszynski lands a straight right and drives forward for a takedown. Vera wrestles him off and switches stance to confuse Soszynski. The two tie up against the cage and throw knees to the legs. Vera gets his first takedown. Soszynski stands up and gets a knee to the groin that prompts a break. Ref Herb Dean restarts after Soszynski walks it off. Vera with a nice right hnd. Sozynski locks up a plump as Vera closes, but Vera lands an uppercut and elbow from the clinch. They break off, where Vera lands a nice uppercut. Vera with a nice right hook. Vera with a right kick to the body. The San Diego resident is picking Soszynski apart in exchanges. A hard leg kick ends the round for Vera.

All three judges give Vera the fight with unanimous 30-27 scores.

Demian Maia vs. Nate Marquardt

R1- Southpaw Maia leads with a leg kick, then a high kick. Marquart knocks Maia out cold with a straight right hand that literally takes the jiu-jitsu expert out in mid-air as he attempts a leg kick. Marquardt considers a follow up, but thinks better of it. It’s all over in 21 seconds.

R1- Rosholt lands leg kick to open the bout. Leben returns with the same. Crowd chants Leben’s name. High kick misses for The Crippler. Rosholt with leg kick. They trade leg kicks. Both very tentative. Rosholt with stiff jab. Leben absorbs a flying knee and the two spill to the canvas with Leben in Rosholt’s guard. Leben working ground and pound. Rosholt takes advantage of space and drives forward, prompting a sprawl from Leben and a return to the feet. Leben’s nose is bloodied. Leben walks into double underhooks and Rosholt marches him across the canvas, where he lands over Leven and nearly traps him in a guillotine before retreating to his feet. Leben looks slow and out of sorts. Finally, Leben chases Rosholt across the cage with bolos, but Rosholt ducks away and taunts Leben at the bell.

R2- Rosholt lands a one-two that stuns Leben, but Rosholt slips on a kick attempt and Leben chases him down into half-guard, where he attempts ground and pound. Rosholt attempts to scoot away but is flattened out. Leben works Rosholt’s ribs. Action stalls. Yves Lavinge stands them up. Leben throws a straight left Rosholt can see for miles. Leben attempts head kick punch combo and ties Rosholt up against the fence, where he immediately stomps Rosholt’s right foot. Rosholt escapes with an elbow from the clinch. Rosholt ducks under Leben’s punches and takes the fight down, working from half guard. Rosholt attempts to pass. Rosholt stands over and allows space for Leven to get up. More bolos from Leben that get mostly blocked as the round ends.

R3- A final touch of the gloves. Leben with a kick to the body. Another kick attempt lands him on his back, where Rosholt works from half guard. Rosholt passes to mount briefly but can’t do anything before Leben gets half guard back. Rosholt takes Leben’s back in a scramble and then transitions to a head and arm choke that puts Leben out cold. The official time is 1:30.

Thiago Silva vs. Keith Jardine

R1- Jardine charges in with punches but gets nothing. His follow up leg kick, though, slaps Silva’s thigh. Silva with stiff jab. They kick at the same time and Jardine lands on the bottom with Silva working from half guard. Silva grabs for guillotine and Jardine scrambles. They’re back on their feet. Jardine’s hands are low…he comes in with an uppercut hook combo and gets dropped by a left hook. Silva stands overhead and puts Jardine stone cold out with a left and right. The official time is 1:35.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Randy Couture

R1- Big Nog and Randy trade punches. Nog clinches but Randy disengages. Nog with a jab. Nog lands a hook straight righ bombo. The. Rando cracks Nog with a straight right and Nog tries to pull guard, Randy says no. Randy jabs his way in and the two tie up. Nog working rabbit punches in the clinch. Randy almost connects with a sraight right and the two lock up again. Randy disengages. Randy comes in with punches and gets caught with a shot that drops him. Nog immediately cinches an anaconda choke and tries to roll Randy over. Randy escapes and backs away to the screams of the audience. Nog’s hands look sharper. Randy connects with a stiff jab but can’t follow it in close. Randy connects with a jab. The two stand in the pocket, but Bog connects with a series of body shots. Counter lands a nice combination inside that rocks Randy The two are trading punches tit for tat. Randy circles away. Randy jabs in and beats Nog up in the clinch. Randy presses to the cage and cracks Nog several more times with dirty boxing. Randy is pressing Nog against the cage and round ends to screams of audience.

R2- Randy jams in again. Randy jabs in and lands a follow up uppercut. Randy with inside leg kick. Randy catches a left hook that staggers him. Nog attempts to capitalize with a guillotine but loses it and pitches to the floor. Randy postures up in Nog’s guard and works elbows. Nog sweeps Randy into the mount in a flash and threatens an arm triangle as Randy escapes to half guard. Nog working short left hands, Randy trying to control his hands. Nog transitions to an arm triangle choke in mount and Randy struggles to defend. Nog doubling up with punches to the body. Nog lets choke go and works punches from mount. Randy escapes out the back door to the sreams of the audience. Randy with lead left hook. Te two close distance and trade punches. Both are getting tagged in the pocket. Randy has the slight edge on the feet now. Nog works in leg kicks. Randy closes again and lands a few glancing punches to end round.

R3- Randy with inside leg kick. Randy again comes in with jab uppercut combo and connects lightly. Still, he’s getting tagged with a counter right and left hook as he comes in. Nog connects with a left that drops Randy cold. Again, Randy is fighting for his life as Nog pounds away with hammerfists. Nog passes half guard and works punches from side mount. Action stalls as Randy tries to cage walk to freedom. Randy begins walking his way up, but gives up his back in transition. Randy attempts to control Nog’s hand. Nog is high on Randy’s torso. Randy reverses and works punches from Nog’s guard. Nog ties up. Randy lands a nice left elbow, then another. Nog sweeps Randy at the bell.

All three judges give the fight to Nogueira with scores of 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.

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