Full Results from UFC 104: Shogun vs. Machida

UFC 104 Results: Shogun vs. Machida
Saturday, October 24th, 2009
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Main Card Bouts:
-Lyoto Machida def. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua by Unanimous Decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)
-Cain Velasquez def. Ben Rothwell by TKO (Strikes) at 0:58, R2
-Gleison Tibau def. Josh Neer by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
-Joe Stevenson def. Spencer Fisher by TKO (Strikes) at 4:03, R1
-Anthony Johnson def. Yoshiyuki Yoshida by KO (Punch) at 0:41, R1

Preliminary Bouts:
-Ryan Bader def. Eric Schafer by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-26, 30-27)
-Pat Barry def. Antoni Hardonk by TKO (Strikes) at 2:30, R2
-Chael Sonnen def. Chael Sonnen by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
-Jorge Rivera def. Rob Kimmons at 1:53 by TKO (Strikes), R3
-Kyle Kingsbury def. Razak Al-Hassan by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
-Stefan Struve def. Chase Gormley at 4:04 by Submission (Triangle), R1

Mauricio Rua vs. Lyoto Machida

R1- Rua leads with a body kick and jumps right into Machida’s clinch, taking several knees to the body in the process. Rua disengages and attempts to corner, but Machida escapes. Machida with kick to the body. Rua with inside leg kick. The two collide and Machida fires off a knee to the body before the two clinch against the cage. Action stalls. Rua with a swinging knee, then another. Machida breaks off the cage and escapes. Machida with kick to the body, eats a kick to the leg. Machida rushes in with knee and Rua catches him mid-air, pressing to the cage in the clinch. Rua working knees. Rua reels off a kick to the body after the two break off. Mahida starts bouncing but he looks a little tentative. The two trade leg kicks. Machida attempts to counter Rua’s leg kick with a punch, no dice. Rua lands a punch as Machida attempts his own. Machida chops at Rua’s leg as he advances. Round ends in a standoff.

R2- A lot of feints from both men as round gets started. Machida reels off front kick and takes a leg kick as he escapes. Machida switches stances and changes his mind. Rua chases in with a leg kick. Rua catches a left as he kicks. Machida with a kick to the body. Rua chases the champ down with a body kick. The two collide with kicks, and Machida reels off a knee as Shogun shoots. Machida stuffs it against the cage. Machida with leg kick. Rua nearly catches a leg as the two pass each other in center cage. Rua chases down a body kick. Machida with big kick to the body. Rua punches in and lands a body kick. Rua nearly meets a punch as e comes in with a head kick. Machida catches him mid-air with a left as he leaps in with a kick, but Shogun shrugs it off. Machida again attempts knee as Rua closes, but no dice. The two are locked up against cage. Rua works knees. Action stalls. Rua breaks off with a punch as the round ends.

R3- Rua chases in, but misses with punches as Machida escapes. Machida lands punch/kick combo and Rua repays with body kick of his own. Rua with body kick. Rua attempts lead left hook, nothing doing. A tactical battle, to be sure. Both fighters constantly sizing each other up. Machida goes with straight left but Rua’s guard is solid. Rua dives in for takedown and works a few knees before being pushed back. They trade leg kicks. And again. Rua catches a punch as he kicks again. Rua punches in and kicks to finish, but nothing’s really damaging the champ yet. The worst show of battle are their flanks, which are reddened from constant kicking. They finally corner each other and trade shots. Rua catches a few, but he also plasters the champ with a solid right that backs him away. Machida escapes and the two end the round in another staredown.

R4- More sparring as the round gets started with feints and the occasional leg kick from Rua. If ever there was a human chess match, this is it. Rua again nearly pays with his chin as he comes in with kick. Machida slips on the canvas and Rua charges in for a takedown. Machida applies the “Asian Dart” and rebuffs his foe. Rua comes in again with a kick, but this time applies a plumb after the inevitable counter from Machida. It isn’t held for long though, Machida is on his bicycle. Rua chases Machida around the cage with same attack as always. Machida shrugs it off and continues moving. Round ends in standoff.

R5- Machida checks a Rua kick to start off. Rua charges in with body kick. Machida returns with knee to body as Rua advances. Rua lands huge kick to Machida’s body. Rua distracts with punches and gets another body kick. Rua with another body kick. Machida returns, but catches a kick to the leg. Rua charges in and meets air. The two lock up after doing the same dance they’ve been doing the entire fight. Ref Herb Dean separates them. Rua lands kick to body. Rua lands punch-elbow combination off a lock up, the most significant in the round. Machida is bringing the same weapons in each exchange—a straight left and left knee to the body. Rua has locked into these, though, and the results are less than exciting. Rua seems to have one attack that’s working, and he’s working it: kicks to the body and legs. Rua chases him down the two trade briefly before the round ends to the boos of the audience.

All three judges score it 48-47 Lyoto Machida….audience boos

-Cain Velasquez vs. Ben Rothwell

R1- Vealsquez leads with leg kicks and nearly gets caught with retur punches from Rothwell. In the next exchange, Velasquez ducks under Rothwell’s punches and gets a takedown, which Rothwell immediately scrambles against. Rothwell threatens with a kimura, but Velasquez is all over him, dumping him to the canvas once again. Rothwell won’t be deterred, though, and returns to his feet. Velasquez lands a nice punch and dumps Rothwell by elevating his leg. From there, he lands a few punches from side mount that force Rothwell to shoot forward. Rothwell is only up for a few seconds before he’s on the canvas again eating elbows from side mount. Rothwell tries to right himself and ends up on bottom with Cain standing overhead, raining down punches. In a scramble for position, Cain almost takes mount then stands overhead and rains down punches. Rothwell scrambles to protect himself, but Cain rushes in and takes mount. He lands several big shots before disengaging yet again and pounding Rothwell when he tries to get up. Rothwell has taken a lot of damage and is floundering from the punches. Nevertheless, he gets to his feet seconds before the bell sounds.

R2- Rothwell’s hands are at his sides as the round begins. Cain lands a right hand, gets a leg, then wrestles Ben to the ground, where he punches away at the former IFL champ’s back. The two shuffle to the cage, where Cain unloads with several left hands. Referee Steve Mazzagatti inexplicably steps in and stops the action. Rothwell immediately stands and shouts in protest. The crowd chants in protest. The official time is 0:58.

-Josh Neer vs. Gleison Tibau

R1- Josh Rosenthal calls the action on this catch-weight swing bout. Neer inches in and the two swing against the cage before Tibau breaks off and immediately gets a huge takedown. He can’t do much, however, before Neer pops up and presses again. Neer catches a punch but returns with a big leg kick. Tibau again dumps Neer to the canvas. The Brazilian stands and attempts to pass guard, but no dice. Neer pops up again and stalks Tibau. Tibau lands a short left. Neer is coming in, but he’s not pulling the trigger when he gets close. Tibau lands another left and dumps Neer again. Neer closes with front kick and catches a left, then another. Neer chases with punches, then gets caught covering up as Tibau shoots and takes him down. Tibau threatens with a guillotine as Neer inevitably gets up, but lets it go. Neer lands right as bell sounds.

R2- Tibau plays with a few short punches before dumping Neer. Tibau seems to have no intention of playing on the ground for too long though. As Neer pops up, he again chases Tibau down and ends up on his butt. The fight is rapidly taking a predictable pattern—Neer chases, looks for the big punch, and gets taken down. Late in the second minute, Tibau has Neer down and has taken his back. Neer attempting to escape out the back door, but Tibau is clinging to him like a monkey. When Neer pulls out further, Tibau transitions to an armbar. Neer fights it off and takes top position, though he does no damage from up top. Tibau eventually gets back up and Neer continues to stalk. Neer lands a nice right uppercut. Tibau’s boxing, however, looks more economical, never swinging for the fences, doing just enough to keep Neer back. By the end of the round, Neer is still looking for that big opportunity.

R3- The two pitter-pat a little bit with hands and Tibau goes for—surprise!—a takedown. Tibau plays from guard for a bit, but gives Neer the chance to pop up after posturing. Neer this time catches Tibau as he changes levels and lands a nice punch. Neer might have caught on by now. A third shot yields Tibau nothing. Then again, Neer’s lead left hook and straight right are getting him nowhere, and he’s not adjusting his game plan. Tibau tires of the stand-up action and gets an easy takedown. After Neer suffers a wardrobe malfunction in the form of a hanging handwrap, he chases Tibau down and lands a right hand. Tibau takes it down…again. Both fighters raise their hands as the bell rings. Lackluster fight—Neer didn’t have an answer for Tibau’s strengths.

Gleison Tibau wins the decision with 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 scores.

-Joe Stevenson vs. Spencer Fisher

R1- Herb Dean gets the action started in this lightweight battle of veterans. The two immediately circle each other, with Fisher trying to cut the cage off. Stevenson picks up a leg kick, but the two seem tentative. Fisher with a lot of feints. Stevenson runs right into a jab, but Fisher doesn’t follow. Stevenson with a lead left hook. Fisher bleeding from his right eye. Stevenson using a lot of footwork to get around Fisher. Fisher lands a good kick to the body, but Stevenson is unfazed. Stevenson lands a right hand but fails to complete an attempted takedown. He persists against the cage, holding Fisher’s left leg, but Fisher’s defense is strong. Stevenson hoists him up, but still no go. Fisher gets an underhook and ties the action up. Crowd boos. Dean calls for action, then promptly re-starts action from center cage. Fisher’s eye bleeding generously. Fisher still trying to close distance and land big shot. Stevenson lands right hand then peels off. Fisher catches him with a left, but Stevenson gets out. Fisher lands a one-two, which prompts Stevenson to drag him down. Stevenson lands at Fisher’s back and softens him up with punches as the bell sounds.

R2- Fisher resumes his slow crawl forward, lands a nice leg kick. A lot of starts and stops in the attack. Fisher comes in with a kick and Stevenson is on him for the quick takedown. Stevenson postures up as Fisher works short elbows from the bottom. Stevenson works with a few left hands and an elbow as Fisher defends. Stevenson drops back hinting at a leg lock, but retakes the position shortly. Stevenson passes to half-guard to the cheers of the audience, working short right elbows that force Fisher to adjust. More elbows follow for Stevenson. Fisher is tying action up hoping for a stand-up. Stevenson moves to half-guard and locks in crucifix, where his right elbow knocks Fisher senseless at 4:03.

-Anthony Johnson vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida

R1- Steve Mazzagatti calls the action to get the pay per view started. Southpaw Yoshida circles back as Johnson closes the distance. Johnson lets loose with punches as soon as Yoshida gets into range, and his hands are doing serious damage, with Yoshida covering up instantly at the cage. As Yoshida tries to press back, Johnson catches him with a right hand that lays the Japanese fighter out. The official time is 41 seconds.

-Ryan Bader vs. Eric Schafer

R1- Referee Josh Rosenthal gets the action started. Schafer draws back immediately trying to bait the TUF champ. Bader comes in with a huge one two but doesn’t connect solidly. Schafer presses forward with jabs. Bader misses with a winging overhead right. Schafer nearly gets tagged by a left hook. Bader swings away but meets glove. Schafer playing the hit and run game, waiting for Bader to unload and evading, only to come back with short combinations. Bader lands a bolo but catches a right hand of his own. Bader chases after Schafer and catches him with a big right hand, then another huge shot that drops Schafer. Bader lands more punches from up top. Schafer tries to stand and escape but Bader picks him up and slams him to the canvas. Schafer stands again and covers, but he’s clearly dazed. The two wpill to the canvas with Bader working short shots from the top. Schafer works for a kimura but Bader adjusts and keeps top position. Schafer locks in an oma plata but Bader plasters him with a right hand, bringing the action back to guard. Bader stands up and invites Schafer with him, but only on the second prompting does Schafer oblige. By then, the round is over.

R2- Schafer is on flat feet this round with Bader stalking in. Bader angles for a left hook but catches a finger to his right eye. Rosenthal stops the action. The two trade combinations, but nothing lands solidly. Bader with a straight right. Schafer charges in meet a counter punch, but connects with his own right hand. Schafer using his jab to keep Bader at bay. Pace has slowed. Schafer’s chin is straight up as Bader throws. Neither man shows any intention of shooting for a takedown. Bader pays for a right bolo with a straight right. Bader with slapping leg kick. Bader caught off guard with a left hook. Schafer beginning to find his rhythm countering Bader. Bader adjusts and lands to counter right hands as Schafer advances. They trade right hands. Bader with nice leg kick. Bader goes for his first shot of the night and gets stuffed. After Schafer returns with more punches, he tries to shoot again, unsuccessfully, as the bell sounds.

R3- Bader looks slightly fresher than Schafer, which isn’t saying much for the stamina of both. They trade hooks. Bader lands a Hail Mary right hand that drops Schafer, but can’t close the deal as he leaps into Schafer’s guard throwing more bombs. Schafer ties the action up and Bader disengages, standing up. When he does, a cut to Schafer’s nose is revealed, prompting Rosenthal to get a quick doctor’s check. The fight is allowed on and Bader keeps trying for that big right hand. Schafer checks the clock after a few exchanges which yield little. Schafer’s nose is bleeding more generously. Schafer is throwing the straighter punches, but his power is not backing Bader up. Finally, Bader breaks the stalemate on the feet with a takedown, landing in side control. Bader postures up for a few right hands, but Schafer scoots into guard and the round ends there.

All three judges score it for Bader with scores of 30-27 twice and one judge with a 29-26 tally.

-Pat Barry vs. Antoni Hardonk

R1- Hardonk refuses glove tap and pays for it with a one-two. Hardonk goes high with a kick and nearly catches Barry flush. Hardonk with a leg kick, Barry repays with his own. Barry misses with a big right, but catches Hardonk with another in the next exchange. Hardonk working leg kicks. Barry signals that his right eye got poked and ref Josh Rosenthal stops it. Hardonk goes back to work with more leg kicks. Hardonk tries to lock up a clinch. Barry starts to work kicks to the body. Barry catches Hardonk with a punch as Hardonk shoots and pushes him into half guard. Hardonk escapes and Barry lands a nice right hand. Hardonk’s nose is bleeding. Hardonk lands right high kick. Pace slows. Hardonk with a nice left hook. Hardonk with a leg kick, then a high kick. Barry loading up with his right. The two trade kicks. Barry’s right hand looks injured, he’s not closing it.

R2- Hardonk closes distance with kicks, attempts to lock Barry’s head and fire a knee. Barry catches Hardonk flush with a one two, then another straight right, then another that drops Hardonk on his butt. Barry doesn’t close though…he lets the Dutch fighter up and engages again. Hardonk goes for a clinch and takedown but Barry stuffs it. A huge right jab snaps Hadonks head back. They trade jab. A straight left catches Hardonk. Barry finding his punches before Hardonk can kick. Barry lands a glancing jab on the temple that drops Hardonk, but it’s the subsequent right hand that causes Hardonk to roll to his stomach and turtle up. Referee Josh Rosenthal steps in seconds after and it’s a rap. Barry pounds the canvas in joy after the stoppage. Official time is 2:30.

Yushin Okami vs. Chael Sonnen

R1- Referee Steve Mazzagatti gets things started. Sonnen presses the action with a few combinations and immediately shoots for a takedown. Okami has an underhook and reverses Sonnen against the cage. Sonnen drives Okami down, but Okami springs up. Seconds later, Sonnen hoists him up and slams him back down, landing at Okami’s back and working for a choke. Okami stands up with Sonnen kneeing his legs. Sonnen gets things rolling with foot stomps. Okami working to control Sonnen’s arms. Sonnen briefly hops up for a choke, but gets back down. Okami escapes and they’re back on their feet. Sonnen with a body shot. Sonnen staying far more busy and varied with his attack. Okami is countering but he’s a step behind. Okami with a jab. Sonnen working his jab and inside leg kick. Sonnen times a shot perfectly and lands in Okami’s guard. Okami kicks him off and they’re back up again. Sonnen gets caught by his first big punches, a straight left, but he’s undeterred and keeps presses with fast kick punch combinations that are keeping Okami off-balance.

R2- Sonnen keeps his punch count high, but he gets caught with a counter hook that momentarily stuns him. Momentarily is the key word, because he lands a few hooks before shooting in again. This time, Okami has his number and keeps Sonnen from finishing, with Sonnen ending up at Okami’s back against the cage. Sonnen drops levels, but Okami uses the transition to get up. Sonnen lands nice spinning back kick. Sonnen angling off, but he’s getting caught by Okami’s jab and counter right hook. Sonen lands a one-two against the cage and keeps on chugging forward. This could be the most active Sonnen we’ve ever seen. Sonnen lands a nice leg kick as Okami closes with a punch combo. Okami is struggling with Sonnen’s pace and rhythm. Sonnen is backing him up through much of the Octagon and never setting long enough to be countered. Sonnen lands a couple of nice left hands. He chases Okami back with a few jabs and a kick to end the round.

R3- Round starts much like the others, with Sonnen keeping busy with his jab and working towards a straight left and right hook. One such hook catches Okami flush on the side of the head. Okami returns with a counter right. Okami lands a one-two combination. Sonnen ducks under a hook and lands a right. Okami with a stiff jab. Okami starts to back Sonnen up, but Sonnen escapes and shoots in, picking Okami up and slamming him down. Sonnen takes Okami’s back and works hammerfists as Okami attempts to stand. Okami rights himself and gets more knees to his legs. Okami threatens with a kimura, and drops to finish it in half-guard. Sonnen pounding away at Okami’s flanks. Okami gives up the hold and attempts to scramble up as Sonnen chops away with punches. Again, Okami stands up and receives more knees to the back of his legs.

All three judges give Sonnen the nod for his excellent performance with 30-27 scores.

-Jorge Rivera vs. Rob Kimmons

R1- Referee Jason Herzog gets the action started, Kimmons rushes in with punches and ties the action up against the cage. Rivera fires back with a short elbow and the two muscles for position. Rivera breaks off and lands a nice combination, but Kimmons is on him in a flash against the cage. Kimmons drops levels briefly, but rights himself and the two dirty box. They break briefly, but Kimmons locks up again. Again they break off and Rivera lands a right hand before another clinchfest continues. They break and this time its Rivera who presses the action to the cage. Rivera locks a Muay Thai plumb and lands nice knees followed with punches that force another tie-up. Rivera breaks out with another solid combination that back Kimmons up. Kimmons trying to fight back against the cage, but Rivera beginning to overwhelm him with his punches and plumb work. Kimmons dives for a double-leg and gets it against the cage. He immediately goes to work with left elbows from half-guard. He uses his left forearm to steady himself as he fires down right hands.

R2- Rivera comes with the overhand right but misses. The two reset and throw bombs, but it’s Kimmons who wants to lock it up and take it to the ground. He gets a leg against the cage but can’t get the action down and Rivera breaks off. Rivera catching Kimmons all day with right and left hooks, Kimmons bounces off the cage and dives for a takedown. Rivera is having none of it and wheels around to Kimmon’s back. Rivera takes Kimmon’s half guard, then guard where he rains down punches. Cobwebs are clearly impeding Kimmons’ efforts to mount any good defense or offense. Kimmons drives forward for a takedown, but Rivera stands up and lunches in with a huge punch that rules that idea out. Rivera postures up from Kimmons’ half-guard and rains down punches. Kimmons floundering as Rivera controls from up top. Rivera lets Kimmons up and lunges in with more punches. He locks in a plumb but Kimmons fights back from the clinch with punches as the bell sounds.

R3- Rivera lands his right hand again and plasters Kimmons with more punches in a subsequent clinch. Kimmons backpedals but Rivera is on him like white on rice. “The Rosedale Reaper” drops to the canvas after several shots catch him. There, Rivera unloads with more punishment. One punch cuts Kimmons’ face badly. Rivera completely dominating Kimmons from guard. Referee Herzog stops the action to check Kimmons’ cut. Kimmons says he’s ready to go after a brief chat with the doctor. Rivera goes back to the same business as before from guard, pounding away with punches. Rivera looks at Herzog midway through, incredulous. Shortly after, Herzog calls it a day at 1:53.

-Kyle Kingsbury vs. Razak Al-Hassan

R1 – Kingsbury comes right in with combinations and Al-Hassan gets a body lock which he uses to take the fight down. Al-Hassan grabs a guillotine but Kingsbury reverses as he tries to sit down on it, taking half guard and mount shortly after. Al Hassan locks Kingsbury up from the bottom. Kingsbury tries to soften Al-Hassan up. Kingsbury switches to half guard, then angles to side mount before Al-Hassan moves his hips to retake half-guard. Kingsbury throws short knees from half-guard, but the action is slow going. Al-Hassan transitions to guard and angles for an armbar, but Kingsberry punches his way out. Al-Hassan working to control Kingsbury’s posture, but having no luck. Referee stands them up. Al-Hassan goes high with a kick but misses. Al-Hassan lands a few leg kicks and a kicks to the body. Kingsbury repays him with a straight right. The two pitter patter until the bell.

R2- Al-Hassan with hard leg kicks to start. Kingsbury rushes in for a takedown and lands in Hassan’s half guard. Al-Hassan reverses and lands in Kingsbury’s guard. Kingsbury tries to scramble up but is stuffed. Al-Hassan works from half-guard and Kingsbury escapes out the back door, immediately pressing Al-Hassan to the cage. The two trade knees, then try to take each other down with inside trips, but nothing’s doing. Al-Hassan lands a nice knee to Kingsbury’s head from the clinch. Finally, they break off. Kingsbury presses the action, but the two are locked up again in no time. Al-Hassan nearly gets another trip takedown but Kingsbury rights himself. The two drift from one side of the cage to the other, locked up. They trade knees from the clinch. Kingsbury presses and connects with a nice right hand. Al-Hassan works kicks to back him off. Kingsbury with a few short punches to end the round.

R3- The two trade punches to start the round, with Kingsbury advancing on Al-Hassan. Al-Hassan counters Kingsbury’s advance with kicks and glancing jabs, but Kingsbury continues to press forward. Al-Hassan lands a nice kick to the body, tries to get fancy with a spinning back kick. Kingsbury again with one-twos, but Al-Hassan evades and returns with a leg kick. Al-Hassan connects with good right hook going backwards. Al-Hassan ducks under punches and lands a body kick. The two lock up again and jockey for position. Kingsbury gets a leg and briefly gets Al-Hassan down, but the two are locked up against the cage a split second later. Audience is tiring of the stalemate. Kingsbury attempts a hip throw but Al-Hassan rights himself. Referee separates them. Al-Hassan continues to snipe with kicks and winging punches as Kingsbury rushes in with punches.

Kingsbury wins the judges’ nod with two 29-28 scores to Al-Hassan’s one.

-Chase Gormley vs. Stefan Struve

R1 – Struve leads with leg kick and Gormley attempts to catch him with a right. Struve working leg kicks, goes high and misses. Gormley presses in and takes the fight down. He postures up and rains down a few good rights before Struve works his defense. Gormley working elbows to the body from Struve’s guard. Struve rolls for Gormley’s left leg and they battle for leg lock position, tumbling over each other a few times before settling in for another position battle. Struve manages to right himself and takes Gormley’s guard, but he can’t hold the position long before Gormley is up. Struve executes a trip takedown and throws down a bevy of hammerfists that have Gormley inching his way down again for a leglock. Once again, the the two wrestle for position, but Struve comes out on top and locks in a triangle in the subsequent scramble. Gormley fights it briefly, but taps out at 4:04.

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