Full Results from UFC 105: Randy Couture vs. Brandon Vera

UFC 105: Couture vs. Vera
Manchester, England – November 14th, 2009
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Main Bouts:
-Randy Couture def Brandon Vera via Unanimous Decision (29-28)
– Dan Hardy def Mick Swick via Unanimous Decision (30 – 27, 30-27, 29-28)
-Michael Bisping def Denis Kang via TKO 4:24 R2
-Matt Brown def James Wilks via TKO 2:23 R3
-Ross Pearson def Aaron Riley via TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage due to cut) 4:38 R2

Preliminary Bouts:
– John Hathaway def Paul Taylor via Unanimous Decision (30-26)
-Terry Etim def Shannon Gugerty via guillotine 1:24 R2
-Nick Osipczak def Matt Riddle via TKO 3:52 R3
-Dennis Siver def Paul Kelly via TKO 2:56 R2
-Alexander Gustafsson def Jared Hamman via KO 0:41 R1
– Andre Winner def Roli Delgado via KO 3:22 R1


Randy Couture vs. Brandon Vera

R1 – Vera opens with a high kick, two punch combo but Couture clinches and forces the fight to the fence. Both are firing knees but the ref breaks them up. Couture quickly clinches again and scores the takedown. Vera stands but eats two knees as Couture continues to push him against the fence.

R2 – Vera immediately pokes Couture in the eye. The fight restarts and Couture clinches and looks for the single. Vera defends and they battle for position. Both trade knees to the legs. The ref breraks it up and Vera fires a high kick. Vera drops Couture with a knee and drops in with punches but Couture gets guard and locks it up. The fight restarts and Couture again looks for the takedown.

R3 – Couture scores with some good punches before clinching against the fence. Couture lands a flurry of short elbows as they battle for position. The ref breaks it up and Vera lands a body kick on Couture’s shoot. Couture clinches and lands a knee and a punch. Vera then looks for the takedown against the fence and scores, taking mount. Couture scrambles and they trade blows until the bell.

Mike Swick vs. Dan Hardy

R1 – Both fighters trade jabs. Swick clinches and pushes Hardy to the fence. Hardy reverses and lands a knee and a foot stomp. Both are grappling for position but Hardy is landing knees and body shots. Swick lands a low blow and the action halts. Swick shots in as soon as the action restarts. Both land knees and punches in the clinch as they fight for position. As the round ends both trade.

R2 – Hardy lands a heavy counter hook that rocks Swick early. They clinch as Hardy walks him down and he lands body shots and knees but Swick retaliates. Hardy lands a good elbow and continues to work inside scoring with punches. The ref restarts the action and both land leg kicks. Swick goes for a superman punch and Hardy counters before winding up a big over hand that misses. They exchange hooks and then clinch. Hardy breaks away and lands two clean shots.

R3 – Hardy lands a body kick and then both trade big punches. Swick goes on the offensive but Hardy lands with equal venom. Hardy begins to find a home for his punches and then scores the takedown where he lands an elbow from the guard. Swick is cut on the head. The ref restarts the fight with two minutes to go but the action is slow. Swick throws a one-two to little effect and the round ends in the clinch with Hardy kneeing and foot stomping.

Michael Bisping vs. Denis Kang

R1 – Kangs looks aggressive early but Bisping returns fire with a high kick. Neither has found his range but then Kang drops Bisping with a hook. Kand follows him down and gets half guard, landing shots and looking for an arm-triangle. Bisping tries to scramble out but Kang stays on top and gets mount briefly. Bisping looks for an armbarbut Kang passes to half guard.

R2 – Bisping looks to strike but Kang uses his footwork to avoid it all and the land his own jabs. Bisping shoots and gets the single leg take down, landing punches but Kang manages to survive and get to his feet. Bisping shoots in again, landing more shots on the ground and cutting Kang. Kang regains his feet but Bisping is landing at will. Bisping scores another takedown and punshes Kang who is eventually saved by the ref.

James Wilks vs. Matt Brown

R1 – Brown opens with a leg kick. The fighters then clinch against the cage. Wilks is looking to take the fight to the ground and momentarily gets Brown’s back but neither can get dominant position. The action is restarted and Brown unloads forcing Wilks to look for the takedown. Again the fight is restarted and Wilks goes on the attack before tying Brown up and eventually taking him to the mat. Brown immediately gets to his feet and lands a jab at the bell.

R2 – Wilks lands two jabs but Brown retaliates with a head kick before dropping Wilks with a flying knee. He follows Wilks to the mat and fires down elbows but Wilks goes to a leg lock, reversing position. The fight moves back to the feet again in the clinch and Brown lands a nice elbow. Wilks looks for the takedown again but Brown defends by going for a kimura. Brown puts together a nice combo and then stuffs takedown but Wilks sweeps to take side control. Wilks ends the round defending a triangle.

R3 – Both trade kicks before Wilks ties Brown up. Brown pushes off and puts together some punches. Wilks clinches again and then takes Brown down using a kimura. Brown defends and scrambles out impressively before sweeping Willks and taking mount. He unleashes a barrage of punches to force the ref to stop the fight.

Ross Pearson vs. Aaron Riley

R1 – Pearson begins with his jab, gauging the distance before landing a leg kick. Riley winds up but Pearson lands a head kick. They clinch and Pearson lands some knees and body shots against the cage. Riley weathers the storm and circles out. Pearson has found his range and lands two head kicks. Riley looks for the takedown but Pearson stuffs it easily, comfortably using the Thai clinch.

R2 – Pearson lands a number of straight punches before tying up Riley. Riley reverses the position against the cage but nothing happens and the fighters separate. Pearson tags Riley again before using the clinch. Pearson is looking sharp scoring with combinations but Riley is game. The fighters clinch again and Pearson lands some big knees, cutting Rilet who is checked by the doctors. The fight is called due to the cut.

Paul Taylor vs. John Hathaway

R1 – Hathaway trades briefly but quickly scores the takedown. Taylor looks to lock Hathaway up but ends up eating shots to the body. Taylor escapes briefly but Hathaway takes it to the mat again. Ref restarts the fight and Hathaway is eager to tie up Taylor, getting the body lock and taking him down. Taylor stays active, trying to escape but Hathaway remains in control, grinding away with punches and elbows.

R2 – Taylor attacks the legs but again Hathaway scores the takedown and unleashes elbows in the guard. Taylor is trying to defend but Hathaway is dominant, controlling the ground game, landing shots. Taylor scrambles and looks for a heel hook but Hathaway is not troubled and regains top control and lands some big elbows to the body and head. A completely dominat round for Hathaway

R3 – Taylor works his jab but Hathaway gets the body lock and the takedown, landing body shots from the guard. Taylor continues to try to escape but Hathaway is all over him, landing punches and short elbows. Hathaway controls the round, ending with a barrage of elbows.

Terry Etim vs. Shannon Gugerty

R1 – Both fighters wait for the opening but Gugerty shoots in on a flurry of shots. Etim gets double under hooks but the ref breaks it up as the action stalls. Gugerty is using his jab well but Etim is controlling the Octagon and using his range. Etim outs together a good combo before gugerty begins to look to land an overhand right. Slow action but Gugerty scores the take down at the end of the round.

R2 – The pace is much faster as Etim lands high and low kicks. And, Etim scores with a head kick and then a leg kick. Gurgerty shoots but Etim sinks in a guillotine and forces the tapout.

Matt Riddle vs. Nick Osipczak

R1 – Osipczak attacks the legs early but both are tentative. Riddle unloads with punches before clinching up against the cage looking for the takedown. Riddle drops for a single and scores, landing in Osipczak’s guard. Osipczak lands some strikes from the bottom but Riddle stays active looking for the pass. The ref stands them up and Osipczak scores with a big punch only to be slammed to the mat. Osipczak
Works for an armbar and sweeps Riddle to end the round on top landing strikes.

R2 – Osipczak lands a big body kick but Riddle returns the favour . Riddle then ties Osipczak up against the cage and grags the fight to the ground. Osipczak is again landing elbows from the bottom until the ref stands them up. Osipczak lands strikes and then stuffs Riddle’s shot, taking side control. He tries to mount but ends up in Riddle’s guard landing punches and elbows.

R3 – Osipczak looks fresher but Riddle lands two good knees. Osipczak lands a high kick then a leg kick but Riddle then takes the fight down again and seems happy to smother his opponent. The ref stands the fighters up and immediately Osipczak lands a combination. Riddle appears tired but manages to get the fight to the mat and take top position. Osipczak sweeps and gets mount, unloading with punches and elbows to finish the fight with just a minute left.

Paul Kelly vs. Dennis Siver

R1 – Siver lands some leg kicks but Kelly keeps moving forward throwing bombs. Kelly clinches Siver against the cage and lands some knees.Ref breaks them up and Siver lands a body kick. Both trade punches before Kelly shoots in. Siver defends ad goes back to kicking the legs. Kelly walking forward and both trade big punches. Kelly shoot s and scores a single leg takedown just at the bell.

R2 – Kelly lands a superman punch but Siver counters well. Kelly lands a flying knee before the fighters clinch briefly. Siver using his kicks to keep range but Kelly is still walking him down.. Siver lands a spinning kick to the body and drops Kelly. He lets him up but Kelly is slow to his feet. Siver unloads punches as Kelly slumps to the canvas.

Alexander Gustafsson vs. Jared Hamman

R1 – Both fighters come out and trade big punches from the off. Both landing heavy shots. Gustafsson lands a big straight right and then follows up with heavy hammerfists to end the fight via KO in the first.

Andre Winner vs. Roli Delgado

R1 – The fighters come out, Roli fires a head kick but it’s blocked. Winner scores with a leg kick and then drops Roli, lands some GnP but backs out. Back to the feet. Delgado clinches and knees to the body. Winner breaks away. Roli using his jab but Winner lands a solid right then another. Winner then unloads with a big right to score the KO.

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