Full Story Behind TNA Signing Nigel McGuinness

Source: PWInsider



– Nigel McGuinness is believed to have signed a two year deal with TNA after approaching them when WWE rescinded their contract offer. As noted before, WWE backed away from signing McGuinness after results of his pre-contract screening turned up several injury issues. Nigel has torn both biceps while working for Ring of Honor, among other injuries.

When he learned WWE wouldn’t sign him, he contacted TNA and they jumped at the chance to bring him in. Nigel signed with TNA about a week ago and was instructed to keep quiet, even acting “wary” towards his friends when asked about his WWE debut. Dixie Carter has been a huge fan of McGuinness for several years now. Back when McGuinness was working with Ring of Honor, TNA was planning to offer him a deal but didn’t because ROH had him signed. They instead signed Doug Williams of The British Invasion.

His new ring name, Desmond Wolf, was created because TNA wanted a name they could trademark and copyright. Nigel came up with the name and TNA liked it.

Ring of Honor officials weren’t aware of McGuinness signing with TNA until after he was in Orlando for the iMPACT tapings on Tuesday.

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