Full TNA Victory Road PPV Results

– TNA’s Victory Road pay-per-view kicks off with a crazy video package from Abyss. He keeps referring to “they” who are coming to TNA.



– And we’re live inside the iMPACT Zone in Orlando, Florida. Mike Tenay welcomes us to the pay-per-view, hyping tonight’s card.

Ultimate X for the TNA X Division Title: Brian Kendrick vs. Douglas Williams

We go to the ring for tonight’s opening match as Jeremy Borash does introductions. Out first comes the challenger, Brian Kendrick. Out next comes the TNA X Division Champion Douglas Williams.

Williams tries to go right for the title, but Kendrick stops him, and gets kicked back to the mat for his troubles. Williams comes down from the turnbuckle and locks in a European cravat. Kendrick fights it off and lays into Williams in the corner with a series of right hands. Williams is quick to respond with a running knee, and he goes straight into the last chancery, stolen from Austin Aries. Kendrick refuses to tap out, and he eventually fights out of the hold, and shrugs off a leaping Williams. Kendrick hits a dropkick from the middle rope and tries for his choke submission, but Williams fights it off and hits a diving European uppercut.

Williams stomps away on Kendrick before locking in a headscissors right in the middle of the ring. Kendrick rolls Williams over, and gets right on his feet and just wails on Williams’ face with clubbing blows. Kendrick goes for the cobra clutch again, but again, Williams fights it off. Williams locks in what looks to be a Gory special, but Kendrick fights out, hits a low dropkick, and a series of flying forearms before going for the cobra clutch yet again. Williams fights it off, but Kendrick back body drops him out of the ring. Williams is able to make his way up to the top turnbuckle, where he’s hung up by Kendrick, who uses the advantage to climb up Williams and try for the title. Williams is able to sit up on the turnbuckle though and back suplex Kendrick all the way from the top down to the mat.

Kendrick goes for the cobra clutch again, but Williams fights it off, only to find himself turned around and locked into the hold. Williams crawls to the outside to avoid tapping out, so Kendrick begins to try and climb the Ultimate X structure. Williams is up and he follows right after Kendrick. the two fight about ten feet up the structure, and Kendrick falls to the ring apron, then the floor. Williams climbs back down to the floor, and he grabs a pair of gloves out of his trunks before driving Kendrick back first into the ring apron. Williams climbs into the ring and begins to put on a pair of climbing gloves.

Williams climbs the structure and makes it to the crossed ropes over the ring, and Kendrick is up, and quickly there. Kendrick wraps his legs around Williams, and it looks like he tries for the cobra clutch again, but both men end up crashing to the mat. Williams locks in a cobra clutch of his own, and Kendrick looks to be out. The referee raises his arm three times, and Kendrick is unable to keep it up. Williams wins by submission, but it’s technically referee stoppage.

Winner: Douglas Williams

– We go to Mike Tenay and Taz who run down tonight’s main event.

– Christy Hemme is backstage with Team 3D. Brother Ray takes the mic from her and cuts a heel promo. Ray calls Jesse Neal is a failure, just like Christy’s Playboy issue. Ray continues to rip on Jesse. Christy looks like she’s about to cry and Ray just rips into her. Ray says he is Team 3D and he will be victorious tonight. We go to a video package for this match.

Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal vs. Brother Devon

Out first is Brother Ray but he hides behind the stage area. Jesse Neal comes out next. Ray sneaks up behind him on the ramp and lays him out. The 3D music plays again for Devon’s entrance but he doesn’t show up. Ray works over Neal at ringside as we go to the back. Devon has been locked in his locker room with a 2×4 in the door handle. Devon is yelling for Ray to open the door. Back at the ring and Ray continues to work over Neal.

Back in the ring, Ray hits Neal with a big clothesline and just continues to dominate the young wrestler. Ray lays in big rights and lefts to the side of Neal’s head before delivering a big elbow drop. Ray picks up Neal and slams his head into the turnbuckle before delivering a huge open hand chop. Ray hits Neal with a big elbow drop to the top of the head and Ray continues circling, hitting Neal with another open hand chop to the back. Ray hits Neal with a body slam, and goes for another elbow, but Neal avoids it, and tries for a flurry of offense, only to walk into a back body drop.

Tommy Dreamer leads his group, including Rhino, Raven, and Stevie Richards, to a huge pop from the crowd. Ray is distracted and he asks what the men are doing there. Ray turns around and eats a spear from Neal that’s good for a two count. Neal mounts Ray and just works him over with a series of punches, but when he gets off Ray, Ray immediate responds with a big clothesline. Ray goes out and grabs a chair, and Moore runs out to try and help, but it only distracts the ref, allowing Ray to launch the chair directly into Neal’s back. The ref sends Moore to the back and Ray celebrates. 3D’s music hits and Devon makes his way to the ring.

Devon and Ray have a stare down in the middle of the ring, and then they both look down at Jesse Neal. Ray tries to hit Devon with a cheap shot, but Devon sees it coming and he lays into Ray with offense of his own. Neal goes for a spear, and accidentally hits Devon. Ray capitalizes with a Bubba bomb, and he pins Neal for a quick three count.

Winner: Brother Ray

– We get a video package for tonight’s TNA Knockouts Title match.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne

Out first comes Angelina love, who has her career on the line here tonight. Her opponent, the TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne, is out next.

Both go to lock up, but trade kicks and blows instead. Love gets the better of Rayne with a couple of tugs to the hair and a big spear. Rayne rolls to the outside and runs away from Love, but ends up eating a clothesline despite her best efforts. Rayne is rolled back into the ring and Love goes for the cover, getting a near fall. Love hits another spear and goes right for another cover, good for another two. Love gets Rayne in position for a fall away slam, but Rayne rakes her eyes to prevent it. Rayne chokes at Love in the corner before running her across the ring and slamming her head first into the top turnbuckle. Rayne hits a neckbreaker and goes for a pin that’s good for two.

Rayne hits the scissor stomp, and she goes for another neckbreaker, but Love counters with a short arm clothesline. Love hits a jawbreaker, and ducks a clothesline before delivering a flying lariat of her own, and a big spin kick, but Madison is able to put Love to the mat. Rayne goes to the outside and grabs a chair, but when she brings it back into the ring, Love hits a big bicycle kick, sending the chair into Rayne’s face. Someone rides into the Impact Zone on a motorcycle, covered in black leather wearing a helmet. Love is distracted and Rayne tosses her to the outside. The costumed woman sends Love head first into the ring post. The ref calls for the bell.

The ref rules that because of outside interference by the Beautiful People, Rayne is DQ’ed, and she loses the title to Angelina.

Winner and New TNA Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love

– After the match, Rayne argues with the ref, saying that it isn’t one of the Beautiful People. She gets on the motorcycle with the mystery woman, and they ride off into the back.

– We go backstage with Mr. Anderson and Christy Hemme. Anderson cuts a promo on tonight’s main event for the World Title. Several 420 references here from Anderson.

AJ Styles and Kazarian vs. Rob Terry and Samoa Joe

We go to the ring and out comes the team of AJ Styles and Kazarian, to face a mystery tag team. Out next comes the team of Global Champion Rob Terry and Samoa Joe. AJ and Kaz aren’t happy with Ric Flair’s choice of opponents.

Terry and Styles start things off for their respective teams. Styles circles Terry, and then tags right out to Kaz. Kaz gets in, and argues with Styles, and while he does, Terry palms his head and squeezes. Terry hits a shoulder block that sends Kaz to the outside, where Joe goes right to work. Styles tries to attack from behind but Joe sees it coming. Back in the ring, Joe tags in and goes to work on Kaz with a series of big punches, and then stomps. Joe tags out to Terry, and Kaz flees to his corner to tag in Styles.

Terry tosses Styles out of the ring, then tosses Kaz right after. Joe tags in, and hits an elbow suicida to the floor to both men. Back in the ring, Joe hits a big splash in the corner and immediately follows it up with an enzugiri. Styles is able to get a cheap shot on Joe, and he spits at Terry. Styles and Kaz use the distraction to double team Joe and switch places. Kaz hits Joe with a big dropkick, and tags AJ back in. Styles lays into Joe with right hands before hitting a snap mare and going right into a rear chin lock. Joe tries to fight out so AJ turns it into a front face lock.

AJ goes for the Styles clash, but Joe fights out. Styles tries to roll through and go for it again, but Joe continues to fight. Styles hits a Pele kick, but when he goes for a splash, Joe catches him and hits a big urunage. Terry tags in, and it able to go to work on both men, sending Kaz into the corner and launching him with a back body drop before dropping Styles with a giant gorilla press slam. Terry catches a leaping Kaz and puts him away with a falling slam, before turning back to Styles, who gets a delayed vertical suplex into a powerslam. Things break down and all four men are in the ring. Joe tries for the muscle buster on Kaz, but Desmond Wolfe out to the ring and distracts Joe. Wolfe gets in the ring and tries to do something, but Terry drops him with a clothesline.

Kaz and Styles team up to take out Terry, hitting a series of high impact, springboard type maneuvers, and going for the quick cover, getting three.

Winners: AJ Styles and Kazarian

– After the match, Desmond Wolfe comes out and gloats in the ring, but he turns around, and Joe is there, attacking him and hitting him with a giant muscle buster.

– We go backstage with Abyss and Christy Hemme. Abyss has the wood board with nails it and keeps talking about “them” and “they” coming to TNA. Abyss calls the board his girl. Abyss talks about the main event tonight.

Steel Cage Match: Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan

We get promos for the next match. The TNA crew finishes putting the steel cage together as Matt Morgan makes his way out first. Out next is Hernandez to a nice pop and here we go.

Morgan tries to talk to Hernandez at the outside, and then goes right for the door, but Hernandez is right there. He launches Morgan into one side of the cage and then the other. Morgan misses a big splash, and Hernandez crotches him on the top rope before hitting a big dropkick to knock him off. Hernandez splashes Morgan twice into the side of the cage, but the third time, Morgan moves and Hernandez crashes head first into the side of the cage.

Morgan goes to work, slamming Hernandez head first into the side of the cage himself twice. Hernandez tries to fight back, but Morgan hits a big discus clothesline to put Hernandez down to the mat. Morgan gloats for a bit, but when he goes for the door, Hernandez grabs him by the foot. Morgan fights off Hernandez, and hits the rapid fire elbows in the corner. Hernandez pulls himself up to the top turnbuckle, but Morgan hits the carbon footprint to do even more damage. Morgan keeps waving to the crowd, signaling leaving. Morgan goes out of the cage door with one foot in and one foot out. Morgan turns back around and goes to work on Hernandez, wrapping him up in the ropes and slamming him into the cage before grating his face against the side of the cage.

Morgan chokes Herandez in the corner a bit, but Hernandez fires himself up and fights back with a series of clotheslines. Morgan gets up, but gets put right back down with a big shoulder block. Hernandez picks up Morgan for what looks to be the border toss, but he doesn’t look to be able to get Morgan up for the move. Hernandez tries for another border toss, but it ends up more like a powerbomb that didn’t look too pretty. Hernandez climbs up to the top of the cage, and he looks down, signaling to the crowd. Hernandez dives off the top toward Morgan, but Morgan moves and Hernandez crashes to the mat.

Morgan goes to something on the apron, and it turns out he’s got a set of handcuffs. Morgan handcuffs Hernandez to the top rope, but it’s on the side of the cage with the door. Morgan climbs up to the top of the cage, and Hernandez rips off the handcuffs before diving through the cage door with a huge headbutt.

Winner: Hernandez

– We go backstage with Ric Flair and Christy Hemme. Flair says he is the reason there’s a sport called pro wrestling. Flair says he has been the man for 39 years. Flair says he’s going to send Jay Lethal back to his momma tonight. Flair calls himself the greatest, Whooo’s in Christy’s face and walks off.

Ric Flair vs. Jay Lethal

We get a video package for this match before Jay Lethal makes his way out to the ring. Out next is Ric Flair to a big pop and here we go.

Lethal says something to Flair while pointing out to the crowd. The crowd begins to chant, and they’re pretty evenly split. Lethal and Flair lock up and Lethal locks in a side headlock, and doesn’t let go. Lethal takes Flair down to the mat, and Flair doesn’t look to flustered. Flair and Lethal lock up again and this time Flair locks in the side headlock. Flair connects with a shoulder block to put Lethal down, but Lethal responds with a dropkick and a big back body drop before clotheslining Flair over the top rope to the outside. Flair recovers for a bit on the outside, surprising Lethal and trying for a vertical suplex to the outside, that’s reversed. Lethal follows up with a missile dropkick that’s good for a two count, and Flair puts his thumb in Lethal’s eye.

Flair tags Lethal with a couple of knife edge chops. Flair goes for one too many and Lethal is able to turn it around and hit a series of stinging knife edge chops himself. Flair does his goofy falling to his face routine, before getting back up and putting his thumbs back in Lethal’s eye. Flair tries to go to the top, but Lethal catches him and hits a giant superplex. Lethal goes back to the top and tries for a moonsault, but Flair rolls out of the way. Flair catches Lethal with a boot to the side of the head before stomping away at Lethal’s knee and thigh.

Flair chop blocks Lethal’s knee, and Lethal drops like a ton of bricks. Flair continues to just stomp away at Lethal’s knees, before picking up his legs and locking in the figure four right in the middle of the ring. Lethal screams in pain and Flair uses the ropes for an extra bit of leverage. The ref catches Flair finally, and forces Flair to break the hold. Flair and Hebner get into an arguement, and it allows Lethal to score a quick roll up that’s good for a two count.

Flair fish hooks Lethal, before hitting him with another series of chops to the chest. Around the fourth chop from Flair, Lethal responds with some of this own and the two men begin trading blows with each other. Lethal catches Flair with a flying forearm, and another chop before taking Flair down with a back handspring elbow. Flair begs off in the corner, but Lethal takes it right back to him. Lethal flips out of the corner and taunts Flair with a little strut. Lethal goes for the sunset flip, but ends up with a handfull of trunks, and Ric Flair, the old man himself, exposes his rear end on a world wide PPV. Flair locks in a sleeper that Lethal fights off, only to hit a springboard cross body, and a splash across Flair’s knee.

Lethal chop block’s Flair’s knee, and then drags him into the middle of the ring to lock in a figure four of his own. Flair is forced to tap out to Jay Lethal is his own hold.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal is incredibly emotional after the match. Flair argues with Hebner, but he’s shoved down by the official. Lethal celebrates around ringside and grabs the mic. Lethal calls out for his mom, and says he did it.

– Christy Hemme is backstage with Jeff Hardy. Hardy says he’ll keep this Victory Road hot, and all his creatures will fly high with him, when he wins the title. Hardy says some more crazy stuff, then runs off.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Beer Money, Inc.

Storm and Shelley look to start things off for their respective teams. They lock up and Storm back Shelley up into the corner before breaking somewhat cleanly. Another lock up and Storm back Shelley up again. He tries to punch Shelley, but Shelley comes back with a flurry of offense of his own. Shelley hits an inverted atomic drop followed up with a headscissors and he turns his attention to Storm’s arm. Storm is able to tag out to Roode who comes in and works on Shelley’s arm. Shelley makes the tag to Sabin who comes in and eats a couple of right hands from Roode. Sabin hits a kick to the face, and the Guns use a blind tag to take both Storm and Roode out to the floor. Sabin follows Roode to the outside and rolls him back in for Shelley.

Shelley goes to work on Roode’s arm before tagging in Sabin who double teams Roode, still focusing on the arm. Sabin stomps away at Roode’s head, but Roode is able to make it back to his feet and tag out to Storm. Another blind tag for the Guns leads to another double team, and Shelley goes for the pin, but Roode comes in to break things up. Shelley sends Roode to the floor, but then turns around into a punch to the face from Storm. Sabin is arguing with the ref, and it leads to Roode pulling Shelley down and crotching him against the ring post. Roode and Storm continue to make quick tags to work over Shelley and Storm lock in a rear chin lock. Shelley fights out but he’s taken right down to the mat, and a double team suplex hurts him even more.

Roode beats on Shelley in the corner, and sends him corner to corner before hitting a big gut buster. Roode grabs Shelley around the midsection and wrenches away at Shelley’s midsection. Storm tags in and goes right back to work on the same area that his partner was focusing on, Shelley’s midsection. Shelley breaks the hold, and he’s able to fight off both members of BMI and make the tag to Sabin who comes in and takes the fight to both men. Miscommunication leads to Storm elbow dropping Roode. Sabin kicks Storm in the face and hits a big cross body to Roode that’s good for a two count.

Shelley hits a standing sliced bread, and goes for the cover, but Roode breaks it up. Things break down and Sabin is fighting against both members of BMI. Sabin hits a hurricarana on Storm, and he tries for one on Roode, but Roode catches him, and sets him up, allowing his partner to hit the eye of the Storm. Roode and Storm double team Shelley with a sick double knee drop, but it’s not good enough for three. BMI try for the DWI, but the Guns see it coming and prevent it, but Storm comes from out of nowhere with a big clothesline taking out both members of the Guns. Shelley and Sabin continue to showcase their beautiful double team maneuvers. Shelley and Roody fight it out in the ring, and Roode jumps over the ropes out on top of Sabin. Shelley returns the favor, leaping out on top of Roode.

Storm tries to spit beer into Sabin’s eyes, but it ends up in the eyes of the ref. The Guns connect with a beautiful double team, and Earl Hebner runs in from the back, but it’s still not enough for a three count. more double teams from the Guns, and Shelley hits a big cross body. Roode rolls through and goes for the cover but he only gets two. Roode and Shelley trade right hands, and Shelley hits a series of slaps. The Guns hit a series of kicks on both men. Storm and Sabin both pin the other team member, and both referees make the count. Confusion ensues.

Since there’s no decisive winner, the match has to be restarted.

BMI attack the Guns right off the bat, and things are still pretty much free of rules as all four men are in the ring. Shelley avoids a splash from Storm, and this allows the Guns to turn the tide of the match. A cross body/ddt combo from the Guns leads to a pin, and the three count. This one is over.

Winner and New TNA World Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machine Guns

– We get a video package for Kurt Angle vs. The Pope.

Kurt Angle vs. The Pope

We go to the ring and out comes The Pope for the next match. Kurt Angle is out next to a big pop.

Angle and Pope lock up and Angle backs Pope up into the corner. We get a clean break, and Angle backs up to give Pope space before they lock up again. Angle locks in a front face lock and takes Pope right down to the ground, but Pope rolls over into, locking Angle up with a hammerlock. They trade holds on the mat for a while, with Angle trying different submissions, and Pope fighting out in different ways. A side headlock takeover puts Pope on his back on the mat, and Angle will not let up. Pope does fight out of it, but Angle drops him with a shoulder block. Pope responds with a couple of hip tosses, and even though Angle fights one off, Pope connects with another that sends Angle out to the floor. Pope holds the ropes open and motions for Angle to get back in, which he does.

Back in the ring, Angle wastes no time and hits a sick buckle bomb, before hitting a snap suplex and locking in a rear chin lock with his knee buried in Pope’s back. Pope fights to his feet and out of the hold, but Angle catches him with the kitchen sink and tries to go for a quick pin, but only gets two. Angle hits a quick back drop suplex and goes right back to the submission with another rear chin lock. Pope is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold, where he’s able to lock in a sleeper. Angle fights out and locks in a sleeper of his own, but Pope responds by dropping Angle with a back suplex.

Angle and Pope trade right hands in the middle of the ring, with Pope getting the better of Angle. Pope hits an inverted atomic drop and a series of elbows to the head, but he’s caught by Angle who hits an overhead belly to belly suplex that’s good for a near fall. Angle rocks Pope with a European uppercut, but Angle puts his head down, and Pope hits a suplex, followed by a German suplex, and a trip/lariat combo that’s good for a two count. Pope goes for the double knees, but Andle moves out of the way and hits Dinero with a trio of German suplexes himself, but it’s still only good enough for a two count. Angle tries for the Angle slam, but Pope fights out of it and sends Angle to the middle rope. Pope jumps through the ropes, coming down on Angle’s neck against the ropes. Pope goes to the top, but he’s caught by a big belly to belly superplex that’s good for a two count.

Angle tries for the ankle lock, but Pope avoids it. Angle charges Pope in the corner, but Pope moves and Angle connects shoulder first with the ring post. Pope hits a codebreaker, and pins Angle, but he only scores a two. Angle floats over the Pope in the corner, and he’s able to connect with the Angle slam, but it’s only good for a two count. Angle pulls his straps down, and goes right for the ankle lock, locking it right in. Pope crawls for the ropes, but Angle pulls him right back to the middle of the ring. Pope counters into a roll up out of nowhere, and then goes for another, which Angle converts into an ankle lock. Angle grapevines the leg and amps up the pressure, forcing Pope to tap.

Winner: Kurt Angle

– We go backstage with Rob Van Dam and Christy Hemme. Hemme asks RVD about tonight’s main event. RVD says he don’t trust Mr. Anderson but Jeff Hardy is cool. RVD says he has no friends on Thursday nights because they all want his World Title. RVD says he can shove Abyss’ nailed 2×4 where the sun doesn’t shine.

TNA World Title Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first is Mr. Anderson. Abyss is out next and he brings his board full of nails. Out next is Jeff Hardy followed by the TNA World Champion Rob Van Dam. We get formal ring introductions from Jeremy Borash.

The bell rings and we’re ready to kick this one off. Abyss is pacing on the outside of the ring. Anderson, RVD and Hardy stare at each other and circle slowly. They discuss Abyss with each other. Abyss climbs to the apron and all three of the other men attack. Everyone works together to do damage to Abyss, Anderson pounding on Abyss, then Hardy, then RVD. Hardy hits a splash, then Anderson, and RVD follows it up with a giant monkey flip. Anderson and Hardy both go for a cover, and Abyss rolls to the outside. Hardy jumps off the back of RVD, over the top rope on top of Abyss. Anderson tries for a quick roll up, but he only gets a two count.

Van Dam takes Anderson down and tries for rolling thunder, but Abyss grabs RVD’s legs and pulls him to the outside where he slams him into the barricade. Abyss turns his attention to Anderson in the ring, but Anderson and Hardy are able to stun the big man. Abyss teases a double chokeslam, but Hardy and Anderson take Abyss down with a double shoulder block. Anderson sets Hardy up for a splash on Abyss, but hits him with a spear instead, tries for a cover, but it’s broken up by RVD. Hardy hits a back kick and front suplex on Van Dam, but RVD is able to kick out at two.

RVD launches himself to the outside where he lands on top of Abyss. Not to be outdone, Hardy does the same. Mr. Anderson goes to the top turnbuckle, and jumps to the outside where he catches Abyss with a double sledge. Anderson is able to roll back into the ring, as does RVD. RVD hits the split leg moonsault on Anderson, but Hardy is able to break up a cover. RVD and Hardy trade blows, but Van Dam catches Hardy with a big kick to the face. RVD traps Anderson in the corner, but Anderson turns it around. RVD tries to go to the top, but Anderson shuts it down and RVD ends up crotched on the top rope. Anderson tries for a superplex, but RVD fights it off. Hardy comes in and helps out Anderson, trying to make it a double superplex. Abyss comes in and assists, turning it into a double powerbomb/double superplex combination. Abyss goes for the cover on Hardy, then Anderson, but he can’t put either away.

Abyss tries for a chokeslam, but RVD fights out of it. RVD hits Abyss with some ridiculously high kicks, and he follows it up with a single leg dropkick. RVD goes up to the top again, but Anderson is there and he shoves him off the top where RVD smashes face first into the entrance ramp. Back in the ring, Hardy and Abyss trade blows, and Hardy gets the upper hand with the whisper in the wind, but Anderson breaks up a pin attempts. Anderson hits the mic check on Abyss and this time Hardy breaks up the pin. Hardy tries for the twist of fate on Abyss, but it’s fought off and Abyss responds with a black hole slam. Abyss pins Hardy, but Anderson pulls the ref out of the ring before the three count. Hardy knocks Abyss to the floor.

Anderson and Hardy trade pretty wild blows with Anderson getting the better of Hardy. Anderson tries for the mic check, Hardy tries for the twist of fate, everything is being countered. Hardy is finally able to connect with the twist of fate, and he goes to the top where he connects with a swanton bomb, but when he gets up, he’s chokeslammed back onto Anderson. Abyss pins both men and RVD comes in with a five star frog splash on everyone. RVD pins Anderson, and gets the three count.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

– After the match, Abyss attacks Rob Van Dam as he celebrates. Abyss goes outside and gets his wood filled with nails. Abyss swings it at RVD but he rolls out of the ring and Abyss misses. Victory Road goes off the air with Abyss yelling something at RVD.

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