Funk Comments on WWE’s HOF, Vickie Puts Over New WWE Star

– Mediotempo out of Mexico has a new interview up with Vickie Guerrero where she talks about now being an important time for Latinos in WWE. Vickie put over Dos Caras Jr., saying that he has a promising future in WWE. The article also noted that Vickie wants to revive the Guerrero family and talked about Chavo Guerrero being with her on SmackDown now.



– WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk had the following to say about WWE’s Hall in a new interview this weekend with Slam Wrestling:

“The WWE Hall of Fame was a wonderful moment. There are a great bunch of guys in it. I’m not trying to run anybody down, but it’s about what turns the turnstiles is what it’s become. Really, if one person doesn’t want you in, you’re not in. Is that really a true Hall of Fame?”

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