Gaetz Brutally Heckled At Trump HQ About Affair

It has been noted that during a press briefing at the former President Donald Trump campaign headquarters in New Hampshire on Sunday, a protester disguised as a Trump supporter asked Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz “schoolgirls” before being loudly booed and removed by security via Mediaite.



Gaetz spoke to reporters and gathered supporters, or so he believed and opened the floor to questions from the crowd. At one point, Gaetz pointed to a man in a Trump beanie for a question and that’s when things went south.

“What’s the youngest schoolgirl you’ve ever been with?” the man asked. “And have you ridden on the Lolita Express? I know that Donald Trump did.”

The crowd began to boo loudly as Gaetz waved off the man, who was then physically escorted as the crown booed and shouted at him while he was being dragged away. A few chants of “USA! USA!” could be heard.

Gaetz then addressed the group saying that such moments demonstrate that Democrats have no argument to make.

On X, a user going by Rod Webber claimed credit for the trolling, and shared a separate video from a different angle. The Florida congressman was investigated over sex trafficking allegations beginning in 2020, but the DOJ ultimately declined to charge him.

Gaetz faced a similar incident in December when speaking at a Christmas event, where a man disguised as a supporter tried to give Gaetz a fake award and congratulate him for “your dedication using that money to allegedly pay underage girls to have sex with you.”

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Barry Russell
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