Gail Kim Posts Several Twitter Messages Criticizing WWE’s Use Of Divas

Gail Kim posted several messages on her Twitter account criticizing WWE creative for not utilizing the Divas to their fullest extent.



Kim wrote the following regarding her match last week with Beth Phoenix on WWE Superstars: “Thank u! The response of our match has been unbelievable and it was TRULY a dream come true. Imagine if we were given a storyline or some more time behind it! Sigh….”

She then wrote the following in response to a Twitter follower wishing WWE would bring former Women’s Champion Trish Stratus back to the fold: “There’s not a lack of talent, it’s the lack of time, storylines and use of talent!”

Kim then wrote a message to Stratus longing for days gone by: “I would love to go back to what we had back in those years! Those were like ironwoman matches back then compared to now lol.”

Following Kim’s critical messages, a follower remarked to Kim: “Instead of bitching; why don’t you leave? People could perceive your tweets a bad attitude?” Kim, however, feels she’s telling the truth.

She responded, “Oh thats not #!@%*#ing lol just the truth 🙂 and I don’t live my life based on what people perceive. Can’t please everyone all the time.”

Kim then said she’s happy to be a regular on WWE Superstars because she gets to “wrestle.”

“Sometimes I don’t realize how long I haven’t been on RAW because I still wrestle on superstars,” Kim wrote. “Which I love because I get to WRESTLE for longer than 3 min and actually have singles matches! Hopefully soon…:)))”

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