Gail Kim Talks About Working as a Heel, Retirement, and More

Gail Kim stated during an interview with Spencer (Iowa) Daily Reporter that she is “feeling the grove” as a heel character in TNA.



“I’m looking forward to being the heel. I change my wrestling moves. When I’m a heel, I’m more technical and use submissions. When I’m a baby-face, I’m more of a high flyer,” Gail said.

During the duration of the interview, Gail revealed that she has no plans to retire soon, she sees recent Knockouts champion Miss Tessmacher “coming a really long way” as a wrestler, and feeling good about her spot in TNA after it being “so hard to sit back and watch everybody in the ring doing what I love to do,” referencing her time in WWE.

“I would love to leave wrestling at some point on a good note. Everybody wants to go out on top,” Kim said. “Most of all, whatever I do next, I want to be passionate about. Because I’ve had wrestling so long, I know how happy you can be doing what you love. I’m looking forward to a future with my husband and what it holds.”

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