George Clooney Humiliated With Arnold Schwarzenegger

The legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has certainly made some massive earnings during his illustrious career. He is one of the most renowned and influential actors in the industry, over the year the Austrian Oak has done some questionable roles in movies that were a disaster. One of those movies is Batman and Robin which was directed by George Clooney and the movie was a sequel to Batman Forever. 



George Clooney opens up on the matter

Fans and critics heavily criticized the film and it is considered to be one of the worst superhero movies ever made because it had a weak plot, underwhelming acting the cast, and the film’s depiction of female characters. George Clooney was unhappy because he had to take all the hate for the performance of the film while Schwarzenegger earned significantly more than him.

During The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, George Clooney recalled his time shooting Batman and Robin, the actor played the role of Batman, and said that Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid $25 million for his role which was 20 times more than what he was paid, and he mentioned that they “never even worked together,” but he had to take all the heat. 

“Schwarzenegger was paid, I think, $25 million for that, which was like 20 times more than I was paid for it, and, you know, we never even worked together! We worked together one day. But I took all the heat.”

The actor acknowledged that he was not a suitable candidate to play the role of Batman, and the film was doomed from the beginning and had to change his acting method because people held him responsible for the film’s failure.

“Now, fair deal; I was playing Batman and I wasn’t good in it, and it wasn’t a good film, but what I learned from that failure was, I had to rethink how I was working. Because now I wasn’t just an actor getting a role, I was being held responsible for the film itself.”

Not only did the Terminator actor receive $25 million for his role but he also had exclusive perks in his contract, the actor earned $25 million with only 25 days of work on the set. One of the insiders stated that the actor only worked 12 hours a day which started from the moment he sat on his makeup chair and this limited how long the actor would work in the film.

“He also had a twelve-hour workday policy built into his contract, which when combined with his time spent in the make-up chair and getting suited up, limited how long the filmmakers could shoot with him.”

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