Georges St-Pierre Has Warning For Nate Diaz In Video

Georges St- Pierre will always be regarded as one of the all-time greats in the MMA world. Georges St- Pierre also dropped a huge UFC drug bombshell back in August of last year.



St-Pierre was recently interviewed by ‘The Schmo’ and asked if he had any advice for Nate Diaz, who has just walked away from the UFC. Here is what he said, suggesting Nate retire:

“He came out on top, beautiful ending. To whatever he does next, it’s up to him, but he’s got the power to choose what he wants to do. And he’s going to be paid accordingly. You need to be smart in this business, and what I’m saying to the young fighters is that you should retire from the sport, not let the sport retiring you.

Jake Paul will also be facing off against Anderson Silva in October. The Problem Child is known to talk trash to his opponents prior to his fights, but has not done the same for Spider, whom he has a great deal of respect for.

‘The Schmo’ asked Georges St-Pierre for his thoughts on Paul’s behavior, during an interview. The former two-division UFC champion responded:

“Well I think when we gonna get close to the fight, the heat will start rising and maybe we’ll see some clash. But, you know, I don’t think there should any emotion, he knows he’s fighting a legend. Maybe it’s one of his idols.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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