Georges St-Pierre Reveals Bad Nick Diaz Money News

Georges St- Pierre will always be regarded as one of the all-time greats in the MMA world. Georges St- Pierre also dropped a huge UFC drug bombshell back in August. 



Georges St-Pierre also recently talked about Nick Diaz’s return to the world of MMA at UFC 266, where he lost to Robbie Lawler in a very hard-fought bout in the third round. Georges St- Pierre recently spoke to Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports, Georges St-Pierre reflected on Diaz’s performance at last month’s pay-per-view.

“It was a tough night for him because he came back after six or seven years. It was a long, long time. Nobody can come back as good as they were before, after that much time. I’m under the impression that Nick left a lot of money on the table, unfortunately for him, because maybe his best years are behind him. For sure he was rusty.”

The MMA legend previously spoke to MMA Junkie and talked about why he left the MMA world back in 2013 and also other various issues he had with the UFC.

“I had a lot of issues with the UFC because of performance-enhancing drugs,” St-Pierre told Burt Watson in the latest “Legend 2 Legend” episode. “We were talking behind closed doors, and I know they know that a lot of their athletes were using performance-enhancing drugs. But I’m not stupid. I know how business works. They didn’t want to test them because they know a lot of their champions would fall. I think I carried too much pressure for too long. I was champion for a long time, and it’s hard to become champion, but it’s even harder to stay champion because you have a lot of pressure on yourself.

I think I just needed vacation, and I was in some kind of depression at the time,” St-Pierre said. “I was ashamed to admit it because I had a dream life. I have a lot of money, I’m healthy, and I was ashamed to admit that I was going towards depression, because I didn’t know how people would think about me. They would be like, ‘Oh, what does he have to complain for? He’s champion of the world, he’s rich, what the hell is he complaining for?’ So I was ashamed, but I was going through mental depression and on top of that I was fighting in the UFC against performance-enhancing drugs, and I had a lot of personal issues. I just needed a break.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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