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GFW interested in signing recently released WWE Star

Jack Swagger GFW

While the management has changed, it appears that the thought process backstage is still more or less the same in the company formerly known as TNA and now known as GFW.

TNA had a well-documented history of pursuing stars who left WWE for some reason and now it appears GFW is also interested in signing a former World Champion who recently left The Biggest Wrestling Company in the World.

During a recent conference call, the Head of Creative Team Dutch Mantell was asked whether they are interested in signing former WWE Star Jack Swagger and the GFW Official replied by saying that we could possibly see Swagger on Impact soon:

“I talk to Jack every couple of weeks. Since he left WWE, he has expressed some interest and we have some interest in him, He was on the road for 10 years, and I think right now he is enjoying his time off. But, I am interested in bringing him in. I think you could possibly see him in GFW soon.”

Jack Swagger was released by WWE back in March earlier this year and he has been working on the independent circuit ever since. If he does sign with GFW, it would be interesting to see what the company has in store for the former World Champion

  • CC

    “TNA had a well-documented history of pursuing stars who left WWE for some reason”
    The reason is obvious, because names sell better than no names, and even a jobber on WWE is a bigger star than some bloke from some random independent promotion.

    What the issue was with TNA though, is who they went after.
    GFW going after a younger talent like Swagger who was a world champ at one point, and was actually really over when he did the “We the people” angle, makes a lot of sense.
    Going after someone who has not wrestled in WWE for over a decade or is so old that the younger audience has no interest is what makes no sense.
    That was the problem with TNA. They went after any ex-WWE talent whether they were fresh or antiques.

  • unknown183

    More like: We The White People! lol

  • ROB-1.

    He can say: We the People!