GFW President indicates that the talks for settlement of Broken Gimmick are dead

Enough has been said about the ownership of the Broken Matt Hardy Gimmick and a possible deal between Hardys and GFW for the transfer of it, though now it appears that all the talks of a settlement are officially dead.



During his recent interview with Sports Illustrated, GFW President Ed Nordholm was asked if they would ever sell the ‘intellectual property’. Replying to which Nordholm said that he has stopped thinking about it:

“I’ve stopped thinking about this. We have a show to put on, and a company and a brand. We’ve got things on our plate that are more important than sorting out the “Broken Brilliance.” I made a genuine effort to resolve something to benefit the Hardys as a goodwill gesture to Matt.”

Continuing on the topic, Ed said that they are moving on from the issue, indicating that there won’t be any more talks between the two parties regarding the ownership change:

“It didn’t reach a conclusion and we’re moving on. We’re not going back to it, I’m not interested in opening a new dialogue, I’m not interested in opening another conversation about it. We made our best effort, it didn’t happen, and I’m not going to negotiate all over again.”

After ED Nordholm’s comments, it appears that the only path Hardys have left is to file a lawsuit to try and get the ownership of the gimmick. You can check out the full interview of the GFW President here.

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