GFW reportedly signs former Champion from WWE

We noted before how former WWE Star John Morrison aka John Hennigan, made his GFW debut during a recent GFW Live Event and now it appears he’ll be making his TV debut for the company soon too.



Morrison who was expected to appear at the upcoming StocktonCon shows on August 19 and 20 later this week has been pulled from these events.

The official announcement of him not appearing on the show says he won’t be present due to a “contractual agreement’ with the company as seen below:

This pretty much confirms that Morrison is bound with a GFW contract now which further confirms that he will be making his GFW TV debut in near future.

However, as we noted before, Rey Mysterio can’t debut on Impact despite almost being confirmed to sign with the promotion before his 90 days non-compete clause ends.

While we don’t exactly know the terms of the agreement between John Morrison and Lucha Underground he is likely to be bound by a similar contract which means we may have to wait some more time before the former WWE Star could appear on Impact Wrestling.

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