GFW suspends Alberto El Patron due to domestic abuse investigation

The current situation between Global Force Wrestling and Alberto El Patron has finally come to a head. Alberto is GFW’s current Global Champion but he was recently involved in an airport altercation with Paige that resulted in the cops being called on them.



A domestic abuse investigation was launched, but that wasn’t the only thing that came out of this situation either. A very alarming audio recording was also leaked of the confrontation in which Paige can be head screaming: “press charges if it gets me the f**k away from you! It gets me the f**K away from you!”

This very public situation caused Paige’s brothers to speak out on the matter where they alleged Alberto was abuse to Paige and they fear for their sister’s life. Paige’s brother Zak also claimed Alberto is continually abusive to Paige but uses his money to get himself out of sticky situations.

There were also claims that drugs, specifically cocaine was involved as well. Alberto allegedly claimed that Paige had cocaine in her bags and told people to check for it saying if they found something it is all her’s. Needless to say, this is all a mess and something needed to be done about it.

As the domestic abuse investigation continues Global Force Wrestling has stepped up and finally made a decision on the matter. It appears as though Alberto will be suspended pending the conclusion of this domestic abuse investigation.

GFW had the following short announcement on the matter:

“Global Force Wrestling has indefinitely suspended Alberto El Patron, effective immediately, until the investigation is resolved following a recent incident in Orlando, Florida.”

There is still no word on what GFW plans to do about the television shows they’ve already taped for their Pop TV broadcasts. Alberto was heavily featured as Global Champion and his partnership with LAX seemed to be a big story line in the next couple of months for GFW as well.

As more information breaks we will keep you updated so keep checking back for more on this story.

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