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News on plans for Lana and Tamina on SmackDown Live


It’s been a long road for Lana. She started out as the Ravishing Russain alongside her husband Rusev. She spoke about crushing and put Rusev over very well. The crowds started to love her and then WWE decided to split the two up after Rusev went out of action due to an injury.

During her time away from the ring Lana worked out in NXT and made a few Florida house shows with WWE’s developmental roster. There was some hype about the abilities she was displaying and reports were she was working hard to hone her craft.

When the promos started playing to hype Lana’s debut after she was chosen to go to SmackDown Live during the Superstar Shake-Up people were excited to see her come back. The WWE Universe was curious to see what she could pull off in the ring. The promos kept going and Lana debuted her new dance-inspired gimmick immediately¬†putting herself in the SmackDown Women’s title picture.

After three attempts to snatch Naomi’s SmackDown Women’s Title Lana found herself on the mat,¬†broken up and in tears. As she cried away Tamina Snuka came down to the ring, looked down at her, and said: “get up.” Tamina motioned for Lana to follow her up the ramp and a confused Lana soon followed Snuka toward the exit.

A lot of fans were wondering what was happening between Lana and Tamina. On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer probably had the answer. He said while Lana was in NXT they were training a fellow recruit named MaryKate to be Lana’s bodyguard. MaryKate has since changed her name to Sage Miller but some people might remember when she wrestled as Rosie Lottalove in TNA. She wasn’t called up to the main roster with Lana and it looks like Tamina will be filling in that spot.

So if you were wondering where WWE can possibly go after they’ve killed Lana’s gimmick, they’re giving her a bodyguard. Maybe that will work out better for the Ravishing Russain.