Goldberg Attacks Fan At Football Game In Video

Goldberg is pro wrestling legend as he made a name for himself during WCW. He hasn’t been in a pro wrestling ring for a long time now, but he grabbed the headlines after hitting a spear on a person during the Falcons game.



In case you forgot, WWE Icon Goldberg has done a lot for the business, but he remains a free agent after his WWE contract expired. Obviously, his retirement match is a major talking point even now.

Reports suggest that Goldberg is not happy about the status of his retirement match. It was also reported that Goldberg’s retirement match is not concern for WWE.

As revealed by footage making rounds online, Goldberg showed up to the Atlanta Falcons vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers game and speared Tom Brady supporter. He even did his signature ‘Who’s next?‘ catchphrase for good measure, while his theme played.

Goldberg remains a free agent after his WWE contract expired and it is not known whether he will ever get his retirement match. Regardless, only time will tell whether Goldberg will ever return to pro wrestling again. Tons of speculation fueled among fans about Goldberg’s retirement match in Israel, something that the superstar was reportedly working on, but we haven’t heard any momentum in that direction for months.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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