Goldberg Bombshell ‘Retirement’ Claim Revealed

What will be next for the man called Goldberg after he eventually decides to call it a career? During a recent edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s UnSKripted hosted by Dr. Chris Featherstone, John Cena Sr. recently suggested when asked about a potential match between iconic son and the WWE Hall of Famer that Goldberg should actually try his hand at being a manager after his in-ring career comes to an end. Credit to SportsKeeda for the following quote. These Goldberg and Triple H WrestleMania match rumors recently leaked.



“I’d love to see Goldberg in a manager’s position. The knowledge that man has, the vocals he has. It’s the perfect spot for him and the way you use him is, make him that manager, like Heyman, Lou Albano, Bobby Heenan… you know, he can do both. He can be the mouthpiece. And when it’s time for action, he can get in the ring and go. He can’t go for the 20 or 30 minutes he used to but he can go in there for 5 or 10 and really do the thing and work. I think that would be good for Goldberg. I don’t have disdain for Bill Goldberg. I just think there reaches a point in our careers where you have to step back.”

In other news regarding Bill Goldberg, on the latest edition of ‘The Kurt Angle Show’, former WWE Champion Kurt Angle recently reminisced about Goldberg’s initial run in WWE and how it could be viewed as ‘underwhelming’. Angle told Conrad Thompson the following remarks. Credit to for the below transcription.

It was revealed that Goldberg was paid big money for this WWE pay-per-view. “Bill was a complex individual. He was easy to work with. Nobody had problems working with him. What they did with him in the early 2000’s when he first came in WWE, they didn’t book him right. Goldberg made a lot of money for WCW by meaning dominant, a beast. He dominated the matches. They were 2-3 minutes, tops. That raised eyebrows. Raising eyebrows makes money for the company. WWE booked him when he came in the early 2000’s, he was doing 10, 12, 15 minute matches. It just wasn’t the Bill Goldberg that people remember from WCW. When he had the match with Brock Lesnar that only lasted 15 seconds, that was the right call. That’s the Goldberg that people want to see. It does raise eyebrows and raising eyebrows makes money for the company. Bill Goldberg, I understand why he was bitter. I think the whole thing with Goldust and the whole situation where he was a little worried, concerned about his character, I don’t think that was really anything that hurt him. I think that what hurt him was having him wrestle longer.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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