Goldberg Comments on Fans Chanting His Name, WWE Looks at Cruises, Birthdays

– Former WWE star Virgil turns 50 years old today while Headbanger Thrasher turns 43 years old and Jacques “The Mountie” Rougeau turns 52.



– Bill Goldberg wrote the following on Twitter:

“WWE or TNA ……anytime fans would chant my name years after I’ve retired ….it’s an honor. Glass half-full.”

– WWE’s latest “Bring It Back” feature on their website looks at wrestling cruises from years ago – WWE’s Wrestle Vessels and WCW’s Bruise Cruise. WWE creative head Michael Hayes thinks the Wrestle Vessel would do good today for WWE. He said:

“I think it would do very well. It’s an opportunity for the people of the WWE Universe to share a cruise with WWE Superstars in a real exotic location. The performers all get to let their hair down a little bit, so you get a different side of us. I think that’s what a lot of our audience is looking for.”

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