Goldberg & Daniel Bryan WrestleMania Rumor Leaks

On a recent episode of ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Sheet’ hosted by Vince Russo, Vince sat down with Billi Bhatti to discuss all of the plans past and present leading into this years Wrestlemania.



On this episode, Vince and Billi discussed Goldberg, who teased a title match recently, and Daniel Bryan. Let’s take a look into the news.

Billi: “So, we get to January and Goldberg is moved into the match with Drew McIntyre. So, this Reigns match is canceled because Goldberg is shifted into doing the Royal Rumble in January. So, here we move into Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan.”

Billi continues: “With Wrestlemania videos made and everything. Drew is still facing Sheamus [in a past version of the card]. I’ve taken Bianca and Sasha off because it’s [always been there for WrestleMania]. I got sick of writing it.”

Russo: *Laughs*

Billi: “We have Charlotte vs Asuka which is the match they’re gonna be doing here.”

Goldberg vs Reigns was rumored for quite some time, but judging by how the performance with Drew McIntyre went; we wonder if Reigns would have made it more bearable. Goldberg has never really been known for being the most agile in the ring, but Roman Reigns has always been a great performer who could have made the match flow a bit better for Goldberg. Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns will take place at WWE Fastlane on Sunday.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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