Goldberg ‘Disrespects’ Edge Backstage At WrestleMania

Goldberg is known for a few things. Goldberg is known for having historical winning streaks, being stiff in the ring, and sometimes dishing out disrespect to other wrestlers that he has or does currently work with. It looks like Goldberg is now after Edge the way that he has gone after countless other superstars. Age is not slowing down Goldberg’s mouth by any means at all. Edge ‘Refused’ WrestleMania Win For Sad Reason.



Goldberg was recently a guest on the WWE livestream of their backstage watch along event for night one of WrestleMania. While Goldberg was a guest, he commented on various wrestlers such as Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre. Both of which he surprisingly praised very highly. Goldberg also mentioned how he does want a match with Lashley. It’s to be seen if that will actually happen.

As the sit-down with Goldberg went on, Goldberg spoke on The Rated ‘R’ Superstar himself, Edge. Wrestling-Edge transcribed his comments. Goldberg stated the following on the WreslteMania opponent of Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns: “You know, I am in ‘awe’ of what Edge is doing. There’s many parallels between him and I between going away and coming back – to a certain extent.”

Goldberg continues: “For him to be able to be doing it at the level that he is….albeit….he’s only like 200lbs and it’s a little bit different for those littler guys. It’s like being a car guy and seeing a car that you wouldn’t drive but you can still appreciate it by how it’s built and what went into it. I’m mainly talking about the spear thing. That’s gonna be a Hell of a match. Roman and I got something to talk about.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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