Goldberg First Appearance After Leaving WWE Revealed

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg, whose contract recently expired with WWE, and former WWE Champion Big E recently made an appearance on Hot Ones today to play truth or dab on the First We Feast YouTube channel. The show is being presented by WWE 2K22 to further advertise the release of the video game. The rules state that each star will be asked a question and they must answer it or take a bite of a spicy chicken wing.



Goldberg faces Big E

Big E started it out by saying, “Well Bill, there was a time where I looked up to you,” but Goldberg quickly shut him off by claiming, “You still freaking look up to me.”

Big E then responded to the comment saying:

“That’s a height joke, I’ve had many short jokes all my life, that’s not new to me.”

Goldberg then gave Big E a strict warning, “my thing is, just be careful what you wish for.” The former New Day member then cut him off by claiming, “I’m in my physical prime.”

However, the comment did not sit well with the WWE Hall of Famer as he said:  “And at 55 years old I can still put you down. Because my physical prime is 90 percent better than 100 percent of everyone else.”

This then led to a tease for the video game, showcasing them wrestling, as well as a create-a-wrestler version of show host Sean Evans. The video clip concluded with the WCW legend feeling the heat from the wings. This led to the Hall Of Famer making a joke about how much he sweats within wrestling.

I am feeling it,” he said about the spice. “Look at me, I sweat standing in the back. And everyone makes fun of me as I am walking to the ring because I am in a full sweat. People don’t understand that I pour a full bottle of water on my head. This is not water.”

Big E previously noted on an episode of New Day: Feel The Power that his dream match would be against the WWE Hall Of Famer. However, fans are unlikely to witness that match as Goldberg’s contract with WWE expired. He recently faced the Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a losing effort at WWE Elimination Chamber.


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