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Goldberg on Brock Lesnar’s return to UFC

WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg was interviewed by Inside The Ropes where he talked about the Beast Incarnate’s return to the octagon. The former Universal Champion stated that he is in awe of Lesnar’s determination to get back to the UFC. Goldberg said:

“Show me another guy who can do [UFC], “You gotta have cojones. You gotta have a special ability. You gotta have a desire to do certain things. Brock is a different human being. Brock is a guy who reinvents himself all the time and who capitalizes on opportunities that others don’t have the cojones to capitalize on.”

The Beast has not been seen ever since losing the Universal Championship to Roman Reigns at Summerslam last month. To add to that, Lesnar is not expected to make any appearances for the WWE any time soon with preparations for his clash against Daniel Cormier reportedly underway.


  • Rinn13

    Brock was damn lucky that he found some success in UFC. If he hadn’t, he’d be nowhere. Vince brought him in when he was still SUPER green, pushed him to the moon, in fact pushed him WAY too fast. Just a few months after his debut, he’s main eventing Summer Slam and beating The Rock for the WWE Championship. I don’t blame Stone Cold one bit for walking out (as a last straw) when they wanted Brock to beat him on Raw, as basically Lesnar’s first major opponent. How absolutely insulting, and what garbage, idiotic booking.

    Vince pushed the hell out of Brock, because of his “big muscle man” obsession, and then not two years after his Raw debut, he basically spits in the WWE’s face, after they’ve made him rich enough to have his own private jet, and quits WWE. Then he tries and fails miserably to get into the NFL. Then, just for kicks, he decides to try MMA. Honestly, Vince never should have let him come back to WWE. And CERTAINLY not allowed him to be the big money star he’s been. What an absolute joke and slap in the face it must be to other wrestlers who actually CARE about the fans and CARE about the business, and actually WORK full time, for Brock to be THE highest paid guy on the roster, he gets to be the guy to end Taker’s STREAK for christ’s sake, and he gets to be WWE Champion for over a year, even though he barely appears and rarely ever defends it.

    The single most undeserving talent to ever get pushed in pro wrestling history. Yes, even more so than the Ultimate Warrior.

  • Steven Stevens

    Lol just because people don’t like Brock doesn’t mean they need to insult people that do. lol

  • Soulshroude

    Someone needs to quit “sucking up”. The tea party is done, Bill… move on.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Wrong. Brock is just an asshole.