Goldberg ‘Rejects’ AJ Styles At WWE Raw?

When you hear a name like Goldberg, you think about big matches. Now, of course, not all of those matches are five star – or three star matches, but they’re big buildup matches none-the-less. It looks like an original plan for yet another big Goldberg match has fallen through. This time it was with the one known as AJ Styles…Becky Lynch Posts ‘Sad’ Stephanie McMahon Tweet.



On the latest episode of the very famed ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Sheet’ show which features the former writer for WWE, Vince Russo, and our favorite reporter of all crazy things within the ever changing world of professional wrestling, Billi Bhatti, we had a feast of new knowledge.

During this part of the episode, Vince Russo and Billi Bhatti are speaking about AJ Styles taking some time off. Bhatti revealed that the time off is already scheduled for Styles as he had already booked it before holding the title at WrestleMania. It seems that a former plan was a Goldberg match for Styles.

Bhatti: “Originally the plan was losing to Goldberg. Now, once you lose to Goldberg, the idea was to get him a good WrestleMania match. He’s the best worker in the company. They thought the best idea was to go with Goldberg because it’s becoming a struggle now. AJ was fine with losing. That was the plan. Goldberg told the company he hated the Thunderdome.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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