Goldberg Removed From Massive WWE Show

Brock Lesnar is on a hiatus from the WWE. The Box Office Attraction appeared at SummerSlam and gave the fans something to talk about. His work was so good that every obstacle was taken down using an F5 or a tractor. It includes the ring as well.



Paul Heyman got F5’ed through the announcers’ table and any other distraction got served by the former universal champion. It’s still not clear if he is ready for a return to the ring or if it will take place at a later date. The former advocate of Brock Lesnar can’t confirm it, but we can, courtesy of Ringside News that Brock Lesnar will be at the Saudi Arabia event on November 5.

He is not in a storyline as of this writing and Roman Reigns can be ruled out as he already has Logan Paul to take care of at the show. The champion has his hands full, so who will Brock Lesnar face at the Saudi Arabia event? The details are still under wraps, but there may be someone who would want to step up to the powerhouse, reports. Goldberg won’t be on the show.

A wild guess can be Solo Sikoa as he is the only bloodline member that hasn’t stepped up to Lesnar. He may not be able to last longer in the ring, but chances are his performance against Lesnar will make him an honorary member of the group. Sami Zayn can do his magic and cost Lesnar his match leading to something interesting for the Survivor Series event.

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