Goldberg ‘Replaced’ After Canceling Match

Mick Foley discussed replacing Goldberg and getting his money in AJPW 17 years ago today. Foley lost to Toshiaki Kawada on May 8, 2004. This was after Goldberg left WWE, and Foley was still employed.



“I arrived in Japan for this match in a wheelchair, and left Japan in a wheelchair – but I did the match!

This was my last appearance in Japan – 17 years ago, today.

I’d love to go back to Japan for a convention sometime.”

He said he replaced Goldberg and earned his paycheck.

“Yes – when my agent told me I could make Bill’s money, I told him I couldn’t walk, but I’d be in that ring!”

Goldberg’s WrestleMania 36 match with Roman Reigns was canceled. Paul Heyman just told Complex why Reigns changed his theme music.

“It was the final step away from The Shield. That’s what it was,” Heyman stated. “One of the things that Roman Reigns and I spoke about, with all final decisions being Roman Reigns’. I am Special Counsel to the Tribal Chief, and that’s not just a public persona on television. Behind the scenes, I’m Special Counsel to the Tribal Chief. And one of the many things that we were both desirous of, A. Change the mannerisms. B. Change the presentation. C. Change the hairstyle. D. Change the look.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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