Goldberg ‘Ripped Off’ By Top Raw Star

Like it or not – Goldberg is legendary. Now, not all of his matches fall in that category, but he is a legend in the business none-the-less. One huge superstar has just opened up about his admiration for Goldberg. CM Punk ‘Buries’ Rey Mysterio & MVP.



On the most recent airing of ‘The Kurt Angle Show,’ Randy Orton made history by being the first guest on Kurt’s podcast. Randy Orton and the Olympic gold medalist spoke about all things from personal life to wrestling and then Randy went deep into his love for Goldberg.

Orton stated that he was a big fan of Goldberg growing up. Orton also said he and his friends were also enthralled by Goldberg’s undefeated streak as well.

Randy said: “In high school, when I was just a fan, I loved watching Goldberg, man. I have got a funny Goldberg story too.”

Randy Orton then spoke about how he was so into Goldberg that he wanted to get a matching tattoo that Goldberg is known for.

While Randy Orton faced stiff resistance from his mother regarding it, the former WWE Champion still went to the tattoo studio with a picture of Goldberg’s design in 1998.

Orton goes into detail: “So, it was 1998. Huge Goldberg fan. I used to get together with all my buddies, and we were watching the undefeated streak as it took place and just pumped, right? So, I turned 18, and I wanted a tattoo. Mom said no tattoos. And, umm, you can probably guess where this is going. So, now that I’m 18 and I’m a huge Goldberg mark. I go to the tattoo spot and the tattoo artist, I tell him, I say, ‘I want this tattoo, and it was a picture out of a magazine.”

Randy Orton stated that he didn’t get the tattoo, and in hindsight, he is glad that the tattoo artist talked him out of the plan.

“A Goldberg tribal f****** tattoo. So, let’s see. I didn’t get it. I didn’t get it, but if you look, I’ve got some symmetrical-looking tribal here that I’ve kind of messed with over the years, and what that started out as was the idea that it was going to be a duplicate of Goldberg’s tattoo. And the tattoo artist was like, ‘Oh, you don’t want to put another guy’s tattoo on your arm.’ And looking back, it’s like, ‘Thanks, tattoo artist.’ Holy s***!” Orton recalled.

Shout out to SportsKeeda for the transcription.

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