Goldberg Sad Elimination Chamber Botch Leaks

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg recently faced WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a losing effort at Elimination Chamber. That match is reportedly his last before his current deal ends with WWE. The match lasted for six minutes and the referee ruled that he was out cold after being locked into the guillotine chock. Interestingly, the hold should have been broken by the official a few seconds earlier when Goldberg was able to make it to the ropes whilst Reigns was holding in the move.



WWE botches the ending

The former Champion struggled to hold Roman Reigns’ weight whilst locked in the move and held the ropes for leverage. But when he put his hands on the ropes in the corner, the hold should have been broken. It wasn’t, which then lead to Reigns picking up the win. You can check out the video clip here.

Goldberg talks about his son possibly joining WWE

The WCW star recently joined WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves to talk about his son Gage and said that he could join WWE at some point. After being involved in the Bobby Lashley storyline with his son, the 55-year-old said his son has already surpassed him as a baseball player and just wants the best for his son in the future:

“It’s highly possible that that will hopefully be an option for him,” Goldberg said. “I do believe it’s inbred in him to have the love and passion for sports. The physicality of football, the physicality of playing catcher and wrestling. They’re all the same and it’s all about opportunities. I want him to follow his dream, he’s already proven to me and everybody else that he’s already become a better baseball player than I ever can be.

“I don’t want him to ever be compared against me because it’s not fair. He’s his own guy, I just want to be able to provide him opportunities and let him make his own choice, and get him as prepared as humanly possible for life. That’s what it’s all about, man, I think it’s highly possible. Will the opportunity present itself? Only time will tell.”

We will have to see what is next for Goldberg.

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