Goldberg talks about how ‘poor judgement’ caused infamous injury

Goldberg was the face of WCW at one time, but his momentum was halted after an injury. During a segment, Goldberg was supposed to use an object in order to smash limo windows out, but he did not use it. Instead, he smashed the window with his own arms and cut himself badly.



During the Broken Skull Sessions, Goldberg talked about realizing the error of his ways and how poor judgement caused him to do it.

“Yeah you know some things I may have taken personally. I made poor judgement because I was mad and opposed to grabbing a sledgehammer so I thought I’d use my own sledgehammer.”

“It was like TV and I hit it and it goes through like a cheese grater and I look down and go, ‘Oh, this is nice.’ It’s live TV. White limousine I go to the front, you know great video, great shot — BOOM — blood went everywhere. I just went nuts.”

Goldberg was out of action and could not be included in a huge storyline where he could have been used. It is good he has made peace with what he did.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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