Goldberg Uses ‘Bad Language’ In Front Of Raw Fans

Tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw was a memorable one as it was the last edition of the show before WWE SummerSlam. During the show’s final segment of the night, Goldberg addressed ‘The All Mighty’ WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley and MVP. After MVP stated that Goldberg used to be a man of action, but now all he does is talk because he is scared of the WWE champion, Goldberg would address this claim by calling it ‘bulls***’ and then spearing Lashley for his troubles. John Cena recently dropped this sad Goldberg bombshell



In other news regarding Goldberg former WWE star Rene Dupree was recently interviewed on That 90’s Wrestling Podcast and discussed a particular incident with the former WWE Universal Champion that still haunts him to this day. Credit to Wrestling Inc for the below.

Dupree told the podcast: “Yeah he dislocated my collarbone,” Dupree revealed. “We (La Resistance) had a pre-tape in the back with Goldberg and he hit me with the French flag and we had to do 5 takes. To this day, if I try to flex it, it still hurts. Yeah he’s the s***s. He’s horrible, many wrestlers will tell you that.”

The former La Resistance member added this in regards to Goldberg’s WWE comeback: “To me they (WWE) must be desperate. That’s the only thing I can figure. They can’t create new stars or they don’t have confidence in the people they have.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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