Goldberg WrestleMania WWE Title Rumor Leaks

There have been many flops in Goldberg’s career-especially as of late. However, Goldberg does have a big WWE name he wants to face at WrestleMania.



Vince Russo and Billi Bhatti discussed tons of WrestleMania 37 news and leaks on their newest episode of ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Sheet’. Within this discussion, they touch on Goldberg, and how there was a plan previously in place for him to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Title. Let’s listen in.

Bhatti: “Between November and December, the realization comes that the NFL are running the Super Bowl with 10,000 people at Tampa Bay stadium. So, this is when you get the-the first kind of watered down card here.”

Bhatti continues: “McIntyre vs Sheamus, Reigns vs Goldberg, and still Sasha Banks vs Bianca throughout.”

Many were hoping that The Rock would be Roman’s opponent for Wrestlemania, but The Rock was unable to do that as Wrestlemania was slated for LA and then moved to Tampa Bay. Would a Goldberg vs Roman match had worked out if they stuck with that plan? It’s unclear to say. It wasn’t a match anyone would’ve asked for, however. WWE scrapped plans for Reigns vs. Goldberg for the title by the end of 2020.

Goldberg last wrestled Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Title. He won the Universal Title against Bray Wyatt in early 2020, then lost to Braun Strowman at WrestleMania 36 before going on another WWE hiatus for nearly an entire year. Goldberg surprised WWE fans with a new hiring.

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