GOP Congressman Is ‘Ready To Die’ With Trump

Matt Gaetz recently said that “We ride or die with President Donald John Trump.” A video clip has also emerged of the same.



Matt Gaetz recently tried to impress young conservatives at a Turning Point USA conference on Saturday by referencing an online debate about the attractiveness of actress Margot Robbie.

Recently, there has been an online debate about whether or not Robbie is attractive when she is not wearing makeup. The controversy originates from tweets referring to the actress as “mid,” a term used by members of Generation Z to refer to a mildly attractive female.

The Republican firebrand decided to reference this controversy during his speech at the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, noting that the Barbie actress is a “ten.”

“There’s this big online debate raging right now, and I just want to settle as one true north for the nature of truth itself,” said Gaetz. “Margot Robbie is not mid. A ten is a ten even with Common Core math.”

The joke appeared to go over well with some of the young audience members as it was meant with claps and jeers in the auditorium.

Young conservatives WPEC spoke with already have their minds made up about who they are going to throw their support behind.

“I would vote for Trump,” he said. “And if he wasn’t even the top candidate nominated, I would still vote for him as a write-in candidate.”

“Right now I am leaning towards Trump,” said Lindsey Graham, who traveled from Arizona for the conference. “I am a very avid Trump supporter. He has my vote for now.”

Other young conservatives are still undecided about who should be the Republican nominee and they are willing to hear from all the candidates.

“For me, I am going to keep an open mind,” said California business owner Pamela Jean Noble.

Some top-of-mind issues for young conservative voters are where candidates stand on abortion, gender-affirming care and the nuclear family.

“I am very concerned about the candidates that aren’t speaking about the transgender movement, and what it looks like for doctors, parents, and responsible caretakers to allow children that can’t consent to these things, to do permanent damage to their bodies,” Graham said. “I think that is a huge, huge concern in America.”

“Another moral issue that’s on the ballot, is just some of the transgender stuff and gay marriage,” said Gabriel, who traveled from Colorado. “Marriage is defined in the Bible between a man and a woman, that’s something God has instituted. So we don’t get to redefine that.”

“We want to save babies obviously. We are very pro-life,” said Noble. “But I also feel like once the baby is born, we need to protect them as well.”

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Barry Russell
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