GOP Congressman Says Trump ‘Desperate For Money’

Former Rep. Liz Cheney recently issued a warning to the Republican Party donors on Monday and feels that the former President Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican National Committee which coincides with his inability to post a bond for the nearly half-billion dollars he owes in New York should be a red flag via Mediaite.



“Is it just a coincidence that Donald Trump took over the RNC, fired most of its Republican staff, and installed his daughter-law as co-chair at the same time he’s become desperate for money and can’t post bond?” Cheney, once the chair of the House GOP Conference, wrote on X while sharing a clip from Reuters detailing Trump’s dire financial situation.

“Donors better beware,” Cheney added, suggesting that GOP donors may be opening themselves up to paying off Trump’s debts as opposed to helping elect Republicans to office in 2024.

Trump grabbed the headlines on Monday after his legal team announced that some 30 surety companies had rejected his applications for a bond, asking the court to instead allow Trump to post a 100 million dollar bond while he awaits an appeal in his civil fraud trial.

It is noted that Trump is currently required to pay the full $464 million judgment or face the state of New York possibly seizing his assets as payment.

The RNC has paid Trump’s legal fees in the past and his campaign apparatus “spent more than $50 million on legal costs last year as he faced a barrage of lawsuits and criminal charges in multiple jurisdictions,” reported Axios last month. With Lara Trump, his son Eric’s wife, now a co-chair of the RNC it remains unclear just how much money will go to helping Trump in his personal legal battles versus the party in general this election cycle.

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